Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quick Arizona Trivia

Arizona does not do Daylight Savings time, because they have no need to save daylight. The sun actually never sets in Arizona until it has baked and blinded everyone on the highway. If traffic is slack, the sun never sets at all, it just dances around like a boxer waiting to take a shot at your eyes.

Sometimes you can trick the Arizona sun by wearing sun glasses on top of your head facing backwards, as well as a pair worn the normal way. But if it gets just a glimpse of your eyes, it will go for them. Beware!!!


  1. Hard to drive when your eyes are shut?

  2. There's such a thing as putting too much light on a subject.
    It is hard to walk. I was half blinded coming out of a grocery store. Can't see the cars and they can't see you. A win-win depending up your perspective.


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