Sunday, June 12, 2011

Still Heading Out

Woke up and got hungry so I decided to update.
It appears I'm about one of three people who come to this page, but so be it.

G1 called and convinced me to take the bassman amp with me. It won't take a lot of space. The speaker cab is what takes the space. Quite a nice gesture. These are sought after units in some circles. I'll go by to get it as I leave town. I'm still blown away by the fact they did that jam, and now I'm leaving with the dream amp.

I'm requesting that everyone in Texas run their A/C outdoors. It looks like Austin will be over 100 deg by the time I get there. Dallas is stop 1, and I doubt it will be sweater weather there. Maybe there will be a Subaru dealer who can get that horn beep problem resolved. I think it is a reprogram deal with security or something. But I also tend to think a relay could be involved.

There is also a new reprogram thing required and since it may improve winter time emmissions, CA won't re-up my registration without it. Got that notice a day ago. It is not really a problem, only a slight improvement in some cases, under certain conditions, in fuel economy and emissions. I'm not as quick to jump on that band wagon as the typical subaru owner. Say green and they'll do anything. I've discovered a lot of green cloaked initiatives and products are not really any more resource conserving and kind to the earth (which is Not my mother, has no gender or sex, and doesn't get colds and run fevers like a mammal) than the evil not cloaked in green alternatives.

Common sense and real science and data---not just the stuff that fits predetermined conclusions. That is not so easy to find, but if you look - it is there. Often all it takes is reading a cited study yourself, without bias, and you'll find it doesn't say that people who like mice are 43% more likely to die of snake bite. Or you can poke holes in the conduct of the alleged study. Generalities will get you high fives and a sense of belonging, but rarely help discern the real truth of matters.

I hope rain appears over New Mex and Arizona. Lots of it, and quick. These fires are going to force me to make a detour on the way out of Texas.

Taos was specifically on my list of places to go. It looks like I may have to go there to put out fires if this doesn't change. Maybe I can do that.


  1. Man, my husband would be so jealous if I told him about that amp! He's 43 now and just learned enough guitar to justify a Fender, lol. (Music has been goood to him in the last few years - helps with stress)

  2. Keep writing no matter how few people read.

    I sure do!

  3. Guess there are more than three. Always reading...commenting not so often these days.


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