Friday, June 10, 2011

Still in MEM

MEM is Memphis in airport lingo.

The dealer's computer can't read my car's computer because of a software glitch which won't be resolved until middle of next week. Supposedly it is ok to drive and ignore the horn beep on start up. I'll get it dealt with down the road.

I stuck an extra day or two because old band wants to meet up for a jam. I'm not sure if I was just so surprised they'd be so hospitable or if I really want to play plugged in electric one time. It has been awhile since I played anything but acoustic, just with mic on stand through PA. Different sort of music.

Anyway, I know it is time to hit the road soon. Lots of old regrets and sorrows to resolve in this town. That kind of surprises me. I figured the past was where it belongs--gone. Apparently I haven't come to grips with it totally.

Going to try to get video from the little jam tonight.

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