Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camped at MS Hill Country Harp fest

This was first camping event of the trip, in Mississippi at Foxfire Ranch outside of Oxford.
That tent ended up going by the wayside in OBX. The coastal skeeters were hip to the broken door zipper and the sun smelled seared flesh and cranked it up when it realized the rainfly had issues which limited ventilation, but without it you had no shade.n It worked OK in MS. I snagged the shadiest spot in the place.

Most of the video I took was just in case they found my car at the bottom of a cliff, or if aliens grabbed me or whatever, then people would know where I'd been to some degree and it might make for good conversation. I saw a couple of choices here; preserve as many moments as possible, which meant playing observer or kind of staging them, or live as many moments as possible by being a natural part of them. I chose the latter because that is what I needed to do. I still need to learn to do that more. It is called knowingly being alive and living. That is tough for me.
My default mode is one of wondering when I'll enter the stream of life rather than sitting isolated from it while the flow of it goes by. Hence the tour. hence less video.

But don't think that means I won't play for the camera enthusiastically, given the slightest encouragement. In my bubble of an imaginary world I'm an entertainer.

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  1. The skeeters on the OBX are pretty dense. If you take a boat over to Portsmouth Island from The Southern Tip of Ocracoke I guarantee that you will be jack hammered by bugs in broad daylight. That place is mecca for bugs and wildlife...


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