Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spy Photo On Seattle Lake--Washington?

That's a native woman in the front of the canoe. Hard to tell what's what from the pic. She was cute but I had to take her by boat back to her people. She'd been bad and I respect their customs so I turned her over to the medicine man for proper punishment.

That is the very canoe that was on my head at the time of the surprising failure of a trusted limb.


  1. I thought I had landed a seaplane on Lake Washington, but it was Lake Union. Jan 1983. The pilot was in his 80s and had thousands of hours on floats. He had a 'coupla thousand' on wheels too, but not enough for him to consider important.

  2. Is this considered evidence? Or do I find a schlock lawyer to prove it was photoshopped?

    Thankfully the medicine man believed me when I told him I was the victim of a scalawag rouge that threatened to keel-haul me if I put my oar in the water. It might look like a canoe to you, but believe me it was a pirate ship I was held captive on.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  3. Not really sure what lake that is part of.

    I thought you'd learned that I'm the victim here. geez


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