Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Too Good to Ignore

Photo of DC Earthquake damage

That showed up in my email. It came from http://jmckinley.posterous.com/dc-earthquake-devastation# . The picture did, not the email. The message was from the usual suspects. Subject line: Pray for DC earthquake victims. I'll say a prayer of gratitude that I do not live in that wasteland of skulduggery and fuquittedness.

Really, it is such a big deal if something happens in DC or New York but places like Memphis have had earthquakes. I know my old apartment house rattled more than once.

I wonder who will get blamed; George Bush? Exxon? The DC transit system? Racism? Got to blame someone or some thing, and the usual blamers are unlikely to blame Obama. Global warming and evil industrialists. God, I hope the usual demagogues and charlatans don't have nerve enough to weigh in on this one.

I know, blame The Rich!! He's a guy who lives there, not unlike how The Donald lives in NYC.

Best title for a movie and best explanation for most things: The Gods Must Be Crazy

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