Monday, September 5, 2011

Argument That Humans Are Alien To Earth

It's one thing to allegedly be at the top of the food chain. That, itself, is a dubious proposition. Go swimming with sharks and then tell me who's your daddy.

The general confusion of humans when it comes to other creatures makes theories of evolution and survival quite questionable as well. We sacrifice our own well being, much needed water for crops, etc. to snail darters, swamp guppies, bears, and who knows what else. I'll try not to get started on bears and their over abundance of rights.

No natural species on earth does that sort of self sacrifice, and fosters within its kind a warped sense of self hatred for being able to do what other creatures can't, like make metal, film sex, cook grilled cheese sandwiches, and drive drunk. Maybe the lawyers for the earth are right--we don't belong here. We ain't from around these parts.

If we were, and we were truly evolved more than all other life to adapt to the place, we'd be able to eat dirt and sand, happily, to survive and would be able to quench our thirst with salt water. That's why I think we are from elsewhere. We are radically confused and because of that we tend to make life way more complex and confusing than it ought to be. Huge numbers of us get so screwed up that we live in dingy parts of cities and thrive on nothing but anger and jealousy, having no clue how to make sense of life. So, life becomes cheap.

Then there is the matter of the mass killing of our own species. Much of that fueled by confused allegiance to various religions and a willingness to believe conflicting vague explanations about how it's us or them.

Since we're stuck here and salt water won't do on a hot day, we've invented negative emotions, false values and the likes of Che and Paris Hilton. Then we sell tee shirts and gossip so we can drive nice cars and sport about town with trophy wives and such.

I wondered why this set up was so odd and didn't feel right for many years. Now I know the simple truth. It is quite clear this is not our natural home, but we are stranded. The eons of living in confusion have given rise to ridiculous institutions and methods of coping. It resulted in a mass mental illness that often parades as virtue or some lofty thing. What we are witnessing is a battle of wits between very nutso people.

Once they figure it out, the number one priority will be to develop forms of transportation, as yet unknown to us, and to search for clues regarding our true home. Bears be damned.


  1. I'm getting tired of waiting for them to figure it out. Someone phone home for directions. Thank you.

  2. I don't think we are supposed to ask for directions. Against our nature.

  3. We need that purifier gland which sea gulls ahve in their forehead that allows them to drink brine. ;)


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