Saturday, September 24, 2011

Joel Was Wrong

I spill my guts. Tell tales of my troubled past, including Somewhere Else blablabla.

No one cares about that, Joel. It is like an inside joke. To the people outside it can look odd, repulsive, boring or stupid. Not one single comment or reaction which indicates no one has time to read all that, and if they do they aren't talking. Why? Because it did not leave them a single thought to add or express.

Your career as literary critic will never get off the ground until your instincts improve.

In the mean time, I still think we're being played like fools by establishment politicians. Obama for sure, and it seems te media is in cahoots with Perry and Romney--no relief there. It is a poorly scripted stage play and we are suspending disbelief so we can enjoy and participate in the story.

The end.


  1. There was no need to mess with a good story...why would I comment?


    Hi Joel!

  2. So I wouldn't feel like a lone wolf howling at moon?
    To get attention?
    So I wouldn't feel so all alone? (every body must get stoned--Bob D)
    To confuse the critics?
    Those are all possible reasons you might comment

  3. I almost always read almost everything you write, though sometimes (like our visit) it is days afterwards.

    I comment sometimes, and often think my comments are just wonderful. But they are seldom acknowledged. Which obviously hasn't stopped me.


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