Friday, September 9, 2011

No Chance To Waste Bad Guys

San Diego must really be classy. Ron Burgandy was right.

The worst I heard of the lights out period was about a liquor store charging $5 for a bag of ice. I'm sure there may have been angry incidents in traffic but nothing significant.

Of course out where I live, even in good times, if someone gets caught looting, anything might happen to him, so it was not much different than normal here. In the city where they are used to street lights and such it is different. With traffic gridlock and lights out, I guess it would have been easy for looters.

But what is not realized is that looters can only function when by-standers don't interfere. In this case, with so many people around, maybe the punks didn't feel secure. We tiptoe around admitting to ourselves what conditions, cultures and attitudes are normally present when looting occurs. Too bad, because until people face the truth they will continue to promote aberrance by making excuses and being afraid to address it. That is a form of hate crime in itself--if you are crazy enough to separate crimes into hate crime and just happy go lucky murder and rape.

So now it was the fault of a worker in AZ who was working on a capacitor. I'm still skeptical. I think the worker took a wizz out the back door and it shorted the wires. No word on his condition or lack of it.

The whole looting issue makes me think. In good times or bad, if there are punks playing bully in the neighborhood, people have to start taking them out or they will continue to multiply. By take out I mean don't put up with it. Forget the part about it being damned near illegal to defend yourself. Nail the punk with a 2x4 or whatever the situation demands.

If that clerk in TX had blasted a shotgun into those punks he'd be in big trouble. But they almost kill him and won't suffer at all. We'll only hear about what victims are those who respect neither people nor property.

What has happened in the name of multiculturalism is that chosen people are not held accountable for their actions because guilt ridden elitists secretly don't believe these people are capable of decent behavior. Guilt for not living in a ghetto, or guilt for being white , mated with elitist delusions of grandeur has given rise to many cruel and sad consequences.

I think they have helped the rise of gangs, the rise in numbers of people with no conscience, general dumbing down of the western world, the 21st century plantation syndrome, class hate and warfare. They can't just address a problem and change course to correct for it, they have to find ways to maintain control while pretending to correct things. In reality they've never quit running the plantation in the same manner as always.

Convenient people like Jesse and Al ensure that everyone maintains their role. They are sort of like trustees, keeping everyone in a group, encouraging them not to think or act on their own. It works. Hate and beliefs based on birth conditions rather than principle guarantee that reason has no power. That is how all the groups who play ethnicity as a virtue keep their leaders living in style. Keep the masses hating without true reasoning involved based on color or some other non-philosophical basis and you can control them forever.

Be sure to ignore, change, or cherry pick history in the process--like La Raza. They are great for that.

I guess, it is not really a secret why San Diego did not riot and loot when the opportunity was there. Memphis, Atlanta, Miami---it would not have been pretty. What is the difference? Attitude and beliefs.

The other thing is that, in a nanny state like California you probably have it easier terrorizing the decent people who work, run stores, etc. when things are completely up and running than when they are down and people can defend themselves with less consequence. Sometimes you are safer when the structure of law enforcement and regulation is crippled.

-----I just realized, that some people who would skim the above will come to the exact opposite view of what it actually says. They will think it says what it does not. Oh yea, that happens much of the time anyway, in my life and in life in general. It's the Jerry Springer syndrome--hear half a sentence of some nonsense and form a passionate opinion.

Good conditioning for lives being run by the state while convincing people it is democratic and fair because they can all weigh in, as if your business is theirs.

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