Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quick Message to Self Titled Anarchists

Anarchist is a term for one who does not believe in any form of government. That is why, to those in the know, the phrase "anarchists unite" is a clever and humorous oxymoron.

So, if you are one of those who spray paints that red A logo on private property, breaks windows, and violates the natural rights and space of others, and then call yourself an anarchist to explain it, you are an idiot.

Such behavior is not the stuff of one who eschews all forms of government, it is the behavior of a cowardly vandal who needs to have his ass kicked by an anarchist who respects life and liberty. One may not like rulers and people wielding power over others. That does not mean he embraces the notion of creating chaos and violating the lives of others.

I take issue with those who see the word anarchy as synonymous with chaos and destruction. That slant is purely the stuff of those who crave power and those who believe the alpha dogs of government will protect them.

One can question the value of authoritative institutions and systems without defiling the shops and other products of the hard work of others. The idea that government is all knowing, all powerful and the sun won't rise without its blessing is the propaganda of tyrants and their sycophants.

So, next time you see that A logo, just know it does not really mean "anarchy", it stands for as****e.

Some of those idiots now have an organized effort going in the name of communist anarchists, or something to that effect. Talk about your radical oxymorons, and just plain morons. This is why I think it should be ok to shoot looters and vandals. If you don't, they go out, get themselves a logo and do even more obnoxious acts hoping to get attention.

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