Monday, October 24, 2011

The Ad That Would Put Romney In The Big White Crib

This Bad Lip Reading video ought to be his campaign ad. They have videos of other candidates, too. They've got Obama doing a rap (which is not so far off of things I've seen from him and Hilary when they want to be homeys in da 'hood). Still, it would be better than usual campaign ads.

I think all of them should just use the bad lip reading version of their exploits--far more entertaining and coherent. Besides, they would offer as much, or more, reasonable criteria for making a voting judgement as people generally possess before visiting the polls.

I've never found Mitt so personable and engaging. None of his other appearances did anything other than leave me cold, and mistrustful of him. This one, though, won me over. I'd vote for a guy who talks like that.

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