Thursday, October 20, 2011


People up here on Ballistic Mountain don't have some of the easy options available to civilization down by the coast and elsewhere. Being even more out of the loop than most, I have fewer options.

I don't think regular cable is even available up here. People use satellite companies. I guess some get their internet that way. There is also a guy who offers a very expensive system which involves some kind of reception device and other costly equipment. I think his setup interferes with all other airwaves, but it is not supposed to.

Anyway, I've been using a cell system from an independent company, Millenicom, for almost four years. It is tied to the Sprint system but doesn't require a contract. It is also unlimited so that is good. The price has gone up but even if I had a sprint phone and wanted unlimited internet it would cost as much and require a lot more hassle, hooplah and obligation.

The trouble is, my modem is literally falling apart; coming unglued, and not working too well. I called to order a new one and they said my plan is no longer available. They now have a verizon plan that limits to 5 gigs or something. However, I am grandfathered in with this so I can keep going. I have to buy a new modem from them to replace this one and it is a different make. Michele says it will work well.

In the mean time I try to wiggle the other one so it connects and works but any small breeze makes it disconnect. For that reason it will be a great victory if this publishes.

I think this is all another wake up cal that I better get on the stick to organize life and be prepared to make money, and to be ready to make changes which will inevitably occur. The huse is still on the market and eventually the demand will come back up to real value. As it is the only offers are about half what the homeowners have in their property.

When I have no connection I get a little screwy because the computer is my ony source for tv music and it serves as my bill paying mechanism and primary method of communication with friends. My best friends tend to be scattered about the country, not just up the street. Although I do have friends here, too.

I can do this. It seems like I can't, but I know I can deal with the mess and move on. I wonder why I never feel like I am where I should put down roots and feel at home? Forever the orphan waif, I guess.


  1. not only friends scattered around the country, but the WORLD! ahem! ;-)

    Can't you just buy any fritzbox at the store and use it?

  2. what's a fritzbox? No, I don't think I can do that.

  3. a fritzbox is a brand of modem (I guess it's a brand name over here). They do sell those modems individually at the various stores so it might be possible. There are all sorts of sizes and price ranges.

  4. I sure hear you re being cut off from the internet. I can and do go without television for months at a time, and ditto much telephone contact beyond minimal, but without internet, I feel as you do---helpless, alone and cut off from everything.


  5. I don't think there is anything like that here. You generally have to go through a cell carrier and they want a contract and most of them have limits which I would exceed. They have various prices but what I have is comparable but no limits or contract.
    They have shipped a new modem to arrive soon.
    I have this one operating Ok for now, if I position it just right.
    The fritzbox idea makes sense. I think it is a case in which there is more free market in that aspect one place than the other. It would sell like crazy here, but the cell companies are few and control the cellular airways.


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