Monday, October 31, 2011

I Lied, Once Again

My life is not really exciting. It is confusing. Mostly to me, but sometimes to others. I guess we're even because I am perpetually baffled by the effectiveness with which most people manage their lives. They may not see it that way, but they have no idea how confusing the basics are to people like me. This sometimes results in me feeling like we are not speaking the same language even though it is all in English.

Remind me if I forget; whether it is superstition or voodoo, my best hope is some kind of blind faith that I'll manage to do the right thing, and It Will All Be OK.

I should be looking forward to the holiday travels. So far, I am not looking forward to much, and that is bad. One should always have something to anticipate happily and with enough excitement to produce some adrenalin. I'll work on it.

I saw a documentary about the Pixies 2004 re-united tour. It was pretty good. I didn't know who they were but the flick made me like them. I may not be thrilled with all their music but I liked elements of all of it, and I liked the creativity.

So, that documentary inspires me to write more songs and become a country singer, believe it or not--(either way you could be right).

In health notes: that big toe nail which took a beating in the great unexpected step into a jaccussi --how to spell it?-- is now trying to fall off. I guess the blood which kept it glued on finally dissolved. I am keeping it taped down.

There is intrigue in the land of Big O's buddy, as far as his local house management. I keep feeling like I am being eased out, but it could be that this involves other things which could be quite troublesome for certain operatives who aren't me. I strain to give a clearer picture while not saying anything which would not be wise at this juncture. Not prudent.


  1. The Pixies grow on you. I have all their albums and think of them similarly BUT it does grow on you like moss if you listen from time to time...


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