Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Descanso!

Ever one to explore ways in which I can stand in solidarinosc with whomever is standing elsewhere, for whatever reason, I decided to initiate the Occupy Descanso effort. It might have gone better.

It seemed only logical to set up camp at Perkins store, as close to the ATM as I could get. That's pretty much the banking presense in Descanso--the ATM. I had my "this is what democracy looks like" sign neatly painted, and carried a bullhorn. I did all the right things.

I repeated everything the facilitator said and wiggled my fingers to show approval of ideas. First order of business was what to sleep on, and where to sleep. They wouldn't let us sleep in the store, and drunks from the adjacent pizza pub kept tripping over us when we tried to set up camp on the front sidewalk.

We then waved our "we are the 99%" sign only to be ridiculed by passers by. They called us "99% crazy!". Undaunted, the facilitator asked for consensus on whether we should throw our trash in their capitalist trash can or if we should burn it to cook bread.

No consensus was reached so we just left it where it was. Soon it got dark and the place was kind of spooky. When the facilitator put forth the proposition that someone, I think the sheriff, brought up, that we go home, I wiggled my fingers in the affirmative.

We'll be back tomorrow in force. Hopefully there will be more occupiers than just me next time. It is not easy facilitating demonstrating and seeking consensus all by myself. Especially the consensus part.

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  1. LOL! You are a man among men.

    I now see how hard it is to reach a consensus.

    (This post is worthy to go virual)


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