Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Truth Is, I'm Not Tempted

Previously, I pretended to be tempted to take a side. The truth is that there isn't a side worth taking in most of the matters that enter the public media outlets.

My side is that what you do is not my business until you cross over into my world's limits. That is called freedom.

The other night I was listening to one of Art Bell's old shows. They play vintage Art Bell on Saturday nights. He was talking to a guy from PETA. I only listened for awhile, partly because I was driving, and partly because they were debating carnivore vs vegetarian. Both of them were out in left field somewhere.

Most people seem to assume that I have an agenda when they don't me, but find out I'm not a carnivore. I do not. If you don't try to cook me, then eat what you want. I support hunters and ranchers. They are exercising their choice, and serving the desires of others.

The bad part is when the people who decide I have some evangelical dietary agenda start arguing before I've said anything. I'm not going to defend my choice, and I don't care why you make your choices. It is highly annoying when it can't be left at that. I recently got lectured about enzymes and all manner of things which do not interest me. I do not plan to change because I already considered it and found I just couldn't do it willingly. Nurses can be the worst when it comes to things like that. They tend to believe everything the AMA puts out there. I don't, but I don't try to make anyone do it my way, either.

That must be the difference. Most people do not possess the self control or reasoning ability required not to try to make you do it their way, even though it in no way actually affects them. That is the crux of many conflicts and problems in the world.

That is what irked me about the PETA guy. He was pleasant but definitely wants the world to operate as he does. I figure if it really is more energy efficient and beneficial, then eventually that is what people will do, given that gangster groups in the form of lobbies and government don't get in the way. I am not expecting a change of everyone's tastes and desires, nor do I care if they change what they eat.

It offends me that Michele Obama goes around telling people how to eat. At least on public money, it offends me. We've got enough ridiculous discussion about obesity, all of it an excuse to dip into the taxpayer's pocket. So, take a side as to what and how you should eat? I'll pass. Don't eat me, and don't give me lectures about how unhealthy and unnatural I am, or must be.

But you see how easy it is to get a topic going which is really no one's business to push one way or the other, then define camps and go at it? That's one of the areas where I veer off from PETA and most nouveau vegetarians. I've always been this way, and it is not a political or public policy statement. It should not be with anyone. IDIOTS.

But my experience has been more from the other side; people constantly wanting to change me or argue my diet without the slightest suggestion from me that I am interested in their opinions or care what they do. Dare to stray from the herd and you will get fried. Or grilled, or roasted.

Some of that is human nature rooted in survival, but much of it is rooted in insecurity and a refusal to evolve to keep up with where we ought to be by now. The new push for tribalism and grouping in antagonistic ways is not a move forward, and feeds the petty pleasure of being part of a herd. It is not the best of human nature by any stretch of the imagination.

I suppose I could find solace if I were a transgendered lesbian vegetarian, and then if you hurt me it could be a hate crime. As it is I will leave the politics of what people eat, and of religion and color to the usual suspects.

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