Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick Word To Anarchists

Do you not find it ironic, and a bizarre mixed message to have a logo and actual organized groups? You are supposed to be anarchists, meaning you do not support authority of any kind outside your own good judgement. (an obvious stretch there)

As soon as you organize, ally with the most archist of all archy, communist groups, and strategize group activities, you are only being hypocrites. Fake anarchists. Bubble anarchists.

Having a nifty logo which is easy to spray paint on private and public property, and doing so, suggests that you are more a member of a vandalism cult. I know that the term "anarchy" is usually associated with chaos and crime, but I'd think that one who thinks governments can be done without would think that because he/she feels that such organizations have less respect and conscience than the vast majority of people.

What the logo, the destruction of property, the alliances do is paint a picture of a group of very bratty people who love to destroy that on which they depend for sustenance while pretending to possess a philosophy.

I've been accused of being very close to anarchist in my social philosophy, and neither I nor my accusers ever considered that title meant one who seeks to create chaos. It just means without rulers. Not the kind the nuns use, you nincompoops, the kind who run your organization and the groups with which you ally.

You play right into the hands of those who love a jack boot, all powerful central authority, and you give those who are highly skeptical of most regulation a bad name.


  1. I also enjoyed (for lack of a better word) the irony of the OWS people who want the fat of the land without toiling for it saying they were tired of the homeless people eating their food and not even contributing to the movement.

  2. John0, spot on! {thumbsup}

    (Got a chuckle out of "What the logo, the destruction of property, the alliances do is *paint* a picture of..." Very punny, that! {wink})

  3. CF--I realize the use of the word "ironic" above may not be totally appropriate, but may not be totally wrong either.
    I know the misuse of that word is like fingernails on a chalkboard to an English major.


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