Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wisdom From The Ether

How these things happen to cross my desk (which consists of me sitting atop my bed cross-legged with a laptop in front of me, propped up on a book for better cooling) I cannot say. Perhaps I have friends who delve into sources of information where even angels fear to tread. Perhaps they, or I, are strange people.

The second is you very love to say dirty, it is good but when you communicate it at the right time, by saying it repeatedly then you just make your man shame, find out how to talk dirty at the right occasion, to raise the connection between you and your man. The third awful approach is always feeling displeased with your own body, it has been a normal fact that most women do not pleased with their own body, this situation turns into the special difficulty for your man also for the reason that when he tries to respect you, and too bad you assume it as a scornful action.

The "how to talk dirty" part is a link I did not follow. Go to the site link, above, and you can find the dirty talk link in the article and follow it to educate yourself further. I know millions of women are eager to learn "some uncomfortable manners that should be kept away by a woman".

No need to thank me. Just another public service I provide which costs tax payers not even the dime.

Update: I see the talk dirty link came through in the copy and paste so you can go straight there if you so choose. I have not actually read the page as it may make me blush, barf, or fear for my life.

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  1. Reading can be detrimental to your health...see above.


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