Friday, January 24, 2014

All Natural

I've got important things to write which I promised to for someone, even though it wasn't requested.  That is because I am a sap.  All natural sappola.  I'll do that later when I feel up to it.  For now, I'll just do this public service information thought.

So when they say "all natural", what does it mean?  Everything in the universe is somewhat natural, isn't it?  Crude oil is all natural.

Lots of leeway for claiming all natural.  I would stop short of calling certain human body enhancements, "all natural", or even enhancements in most cases.  I'm drifting off point, if ever a point there was.

Oh yea.  Your cereal or bread may say, "all natural ingredients"  but that doesn't mean it isn't made out of crude oil or uranium.


  1. Just found out, by foolishly reading the label on my lip balm, that it contains some kind of extract from silk. Huh? Silk worms? Worm extract (or secretion) in my lip balm? Yuck. Problem is, I still like the stuff and use it...just trying not to think about it.

    1. Hey, it's natural! Wonder if silk extract is akin to extorted money or cooperation. Maybe they extracted information by waterboarding silk worms.

  2. I hope that they received large amounts of money rather than being extorted or tortured. Hmmm, wonder what those little wormies would buy? Maybe they have agents that skim great deals off the top...oh no!


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