Friday, January 31, 2014

In Avoidance of Resentment

Even now, I won't smoke, won't drink, but I could probably do better with a little less willingness to be annoyed.   That is a round about way of saying it is better to calm down about things I can't influence much, or readily change.

Let me get a few things off my chest:
1. parking lights are for parking.  If you think it is cool to put half the lights on (parking lights) because it is only half dark, you are mistaken.  I won't call you names, but don't do it again.  Put your whole lights on--not the brights though.

Already I made it too complicated.  If the car is moving, no parking lights.

2.  If it is raining at all, put on your lights.

3. Their means they possess it.  They're means they are.  There means a place other than here.  All three sound the same when spoken, however they are not interchangeable terms when written--not even on the internet.  lol

4. It is OK to shoot people who lol or roflmao, etc. when commenting on political matters.  If you want to find the humor in the thug police state in which we live, I suggest you check out Dennis Miller.  He normally creates humor while skewering the opponent without using the equivalent of an emoticon laugh track.  lol

It is OK to never use lol or variations thereof ever in your entire lifetime.  It is also OK to TP the yards of those who use lol and variations thereof so frequently that it makes no sense; "So I got mugged. lol And then the dog barked and I was broke. lol roflmao"  WTF?   wtf is ok because it best sums up a whole lot of what floats around online.

5. The word is definitely, not definately.  One contains the term finite, which hints at the aspect of a clear cut limited, narrowed down, sure thing.  Or something.  brb.  does anyone ever BRB any more?  Probably not because it actually meant what it stood for, be right back.  No exaggeration or pretense.

6.  There is no glory in speeding up to prevent someone from moving into your lane in front of you.  If your ego is that confused and fragile, maybe you should go far away from all people places or things.  Courtesy is not weakness.  Ultimately, it is the only hope if the species is to survive.

7. Just because you have a BMW doesn't mean we can read your mind, though the stereotypical BMW driver profile is rather narrow.  Many assume you think you are superior and entitled.  Here's the deal, USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL.

It can't hurt to show a shred of respect for others, can it?   People don't all hate you for having a snobby car.  It is the rudeness and arrogance that gets the goats of many.  And then they can't catch up to you to beat you up or give you a mean look.  Those krauts do make a fine automobile.

I actually know a fairly nice guy who drives a high end BMW.  Haven't seen him on the road, though.  I suspect it is a Jeckyll and Hyde personality thing.  I'll bet when he gets behind the wheel that his usual Mr. Rogers personality morphs into Alec Baldwin  mode.

8. It would almost be easier not to be loved than to be loved but not respected.  Could be just a family thing, but I have come to realize it is no good.  That goes both ways.  I hope I have not done that to people.  Now that I know that is what generated unexplained pain for many years, I'd feel terrible if I treated others like that.  People are not pets.

9. I love to write, and I love having a tongue.  Both have landed me in a lot of trouble and chased away people whom I did not want to chase away.  I guess I have a weak filter.

 10. What were we talking about?

Oh yea, resentments.  Those things trigger substance abusers and alcoholics into convincing themselves to chemically induce an altered state of awareness.  So, it is not wise to indulge such anger.  Besides deep seeded resentments allegedly contribute to cancer and other health issues.   I think there is truth in that.

Recognizing reality is one thing.  Approving of the status quo is not required, but neither is getting all worked up over things beyond one's control.  Or even things in one's control.  If you can change a thing, then you do or you don't.  Indulging anger over it is no good.

I am playing at a funeral service tomorrow.  Don't know the departed.  A relative of a relative of a friend.

I've caught myself getting worked up over what I consider egomaniac elitists who seem to be constantly trying to prove how superior they are and how intelligent.  They aren't actually any smarter than most people I know.  But they constantly seek ways to assert their imagined superiority through various means.

And they seem to forever be patting themselves on the back, "We are sooo smart. We're the smartest of all, and we have developed coded language to discourage others from being able to join our club or challenge our ideas and dogma.".

Woof woof mofo.  That's what I say!

It is only by accident that I found out they aren't any smarter than I am or than you are.  It is just some big deal to them because they feel like they have to prove themselves, and they are scared to death that they may not be smarter, and since they have nothing else of value, in their view, that would mean they are less than us.

That is how they think.  Sad.  But it does bring rewards, and some of us are just not wired that way.  We cannot begin to relate.  In bewilderment we watch the self-congratulatory, self-styled smarty pants steal their way to fortunes while we self destruct in confused wonder.  We never even knew there was a competition on.

It is all very subtle, and much of the reward in life is well placed and well deserved.  Much is veiled in a bit of skullduggery and deceit.  I know it, and so do most of the ones who stepped on others in some way to boost themselves up.

The trick is to let that go, find one's own right path, and forgive and forget.  Chances are people like me have done as much harm, or more, than those who managed to use me as a footstool to lift themselves to a better level.  I can't say I had no choice in the matter.  Just not sense enough to play a more satisfying role at the time.

11.  Role is like a part you play.  Roll is what a ball does if you push it downhill.  Roll is also a blob of bread which is best served hot, with butter.

Role model, not roll model.  A roll model would be like a toy tire or something.  A role model would be a human example of how to live a good life.

Overall, the idea and definition of role model is over rated and mostly garbage.  To believe that a person worth learning from and whose character qualities are worth emulating has to look like you, is to miss the entire definition of character and virtue.  That is an idiotic idea promoted by guilt laden racists, sexists and opportunists.

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