Friday, January 10, 2014

Income Inequality

Oh my God!!  Not everyone's income is equal.  Thankfully, Obama and the latest NYC annoyance are "fighting" to solve this problem.  That sort is always "fighting for you".  They don't mean it.  They aren't actually fighting.

They are making conspicuous rules and directives to please large blocks of morons who vote, while including inconspicuous perks for companies and interests which fund campaigns and help keep them in power and luxury.  You'd think they were out on a battlefield somewhere slaying dragons to hear them talk.  No.  They are cruising in limos and jets and doing "important" stuff that we're to common to comprehend.

One thing on which you can depend:  when wealthy people in government pretend to care that people are not all rich, another sliver of honest opportunity is about to go out the window, chances to scam the system are going to increase, and crony capitalists(that part is really a misnomer) are preparing for a windfall of one type or another.

It is a waste of time to discuss minimum wage laws with the hard core.  It doesn't work, won't work, and can't work.  If every bit of wealth is centrally controlled, and the population so under the thumb, dumb, or drugged that no private initiative is possible, then you may have a shot for success.  But you have to be able to make everyone do exactly the right amount of work, according to ability, as well.  And you have to be a damned good planner.

Otherwise, forcing a minimum wage merely inflates the money, and sometimes contributes to contraction of an economy due to less hiring and other reductions in business expansion.  Eventually the new minimum wage is worth the same or less than the old one.  If you are lucky, technology advances allow one to survive with little wealth. Mostly it is another front for power grabbing by forcing more dependence upon lovely government programs which enrich the cronies through contracts and blatant theft--like the outfit which produced the healthcare website.

I refuse to call it obamacare--too orwellian, patriarchal, and totalitarian in it implications.  Besides, he has no idea what is in it, only who it benefits in terms of paying off those who put him in office and keep him there.

One reason I want to find a way to make money is so my income will not be equal to what it is now.  We seek greater numbers in that realm.

I've worked more than one job which paid people according to job title and time of employment.  No exceptions.  Both union and non-union.  And I can say this without even a shadow of a doubt,  in those situations the problem was that there wasn't MORE INCOME INEQUALITY.   Many, often most, of the workers were worth about half what they were paid, while the rest were worth their pay, or double or triple what they were paid.

But they couldn't pay by merit.  That wouldn't be fair. And what about the over paid worker's kids, and child support?  The slackers tend to multiply as if they haven't a clue how it happens.  Too lazy to figure out the fine points of birth control I think.  Not the people that need to be multiplying, that's for sure.  But I'm definitely not in favor of some official agency making that decision.

The problem is created because government does not do its job--protect against force and fraud, maximize individual freedom.  It cannot do that while maintaining "business-government partnerships".  Such alliances merely allow elect firms and organizations to avail themselves of tax money while ruining competition.  Not that complicated, and they do it in plain sight.

Corporations, as such are not evil or bad.  When they write laws, own politicians, start wars and generally usurp the military and police for their own ends, then you have what we have now. I consider modern trade unions, as well, to be modern corporations which employ a very similar scheme.  They are even more transparent but people have an emotional attachment that causes them to ignore the scams, the violence, and outright thuggery.  It is always justified with "what about that evil thing...", never addressing the real problems.

So, income inequality is nonsense when being touted as some new issue by a guy who is OK with the IRS enforcing the buy or die insurance scam.   He's just pandering, trying cement further ignorant voting blocks for the democratic party, while those who oppose him are suckered into the republican party, and the real infrastructure of oppression, and un-constitutional madness continues to grow.

Whenever they had power to do it, I didn't see republicans reshaping foreign policy into what it should be.  They did not can the IRS or many other agencies which have no business existing in the federal government.  Democrats clearly believe socialism and centrally controlled wealth works.  They don't like to be called socialists, usually, but that is pretty much where it is.  They also love to think that condition of birth amounts to varying degrees of virtue and philosophy.  Politics of race, genitalia, and ethnicity.  I don't get it, but they do.

So, at least I know what they represent.  I despise that plan, but that is the way it goes.

Republicans on the other hand, baffle me.   They claim a variety of economic suggestions that often sound right, yet they are not that different from democrats on foreign policy or being intrusive.  And they go along with the snowball from hell spending and power grabbing of the central government.  Enough get all religious that the the group has been painted with the zealot image.

Too many diversion issues in the republican world, and too easily bullied.  Benghazi actually was an atrocity and a scandal, but republicans are so easily bullied that now it is used in the press by dem puppets as a joke on those NOT in power to cement the position of the party who committed the lies and negligence in this case.

It doesn't help that some New Jersey issue comes up and the reaction is "what about Benghazi?"  That's like Obama blaming Bush for his crony motivated stimulus, ill fated foreign policy and polar bears drowning.  I don't care about new jersey.  I care about the USA and have a vote on that.

They will not win that way.  Or maybe so, and then we'll have the same over reaching police state we have now with a little different twist.

The news is trying to pretend that Chris Christie was the big hope of those who don't want Hillary--another Obama, except allegedly white and female.  

AS if Christie is significantly any different or less self serving and corrupt than the democrats who hold power now? Hillary may be less of a race demagogue than Obama and Holder, and so may Christie.  She serves the politics of birth condition--being female.  That's the difference.  He's fat and male.  She's less fat and female.  Not much choice, except I think she's more experienced in being ruthless and corrupt, but he could have held his own.  Substantively they aren't much different.  They just pander a little differently.

Someone in power must have feared Christie.  They are frying him early.

Oh yea.  Income inequality.  If you let those whose policies have done much to contribute to opportunity inequality convince you that idiots should get paid more, and that it is not they who made the corrupt obscenely wealthy, then embrace the results of your foolishness, again.  How many half assed wars have to be waged, how many unqualified people put in schools and jobs ahead of the more qualified, how many crazy economic bubbles must burst leaving people broke with wiped out savings, how much pretense can people take before they admit this nonsense of the last hundred years ha been a progression of lies and doesn't work?

Never happen.  Good enough for Woodie Guthrie, by God, must be the right way to think.  Lots of fine people mean well, and have charisma, brains, and they are good in bed.  That doesn't mean they aren't a little misguided when it comes to law, order, international conduct and the public purse.

Some of the misguided have no brains or charisma, and are a celebrated blight on humanity.  I won't mention names, but I hope they never leave N. Korea.  Somewhere along the way ugly became chic and insanity grew to be dubbed genius.

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