Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Junkies

This damned keyboard is driving me to sniff glue or point toy guns at the ground while cops shoot me down.  The s and d aren't printing on the screen much of the time.  They know when I'm not watching. That's when they lay out.

It is the keyboard of the laptop.  I have one that plugs in to usb or other port.  I guess I have to break it out finally.  What a pain.

I should not be going through withdrawal at this point but it is monumental today.  And it is making me have to fight myself not to fly into an unfocussed rage.  I tell you, it is the curse of my people; the ones of high cheek bones cursing my light eyes side.

For that reason I do not give in.  The bastards want me to fail.   I am sick of them winning.  They are as obnoxious as the one sided, half truth Obama worship that guy keeps posting on facebook.  Republican this and republican that.  They are all posted from other fanatic sites.  And then they claim, oh look, a 53 billion dollar surplus in dec.  Thank you obama.  Then all the comments go back to republican this and republican that.  Explain how you have a surplus if your debt is in the trillions and not going down?

And leave republicans out of it.  They do not hold the major power, and don't do much to counter the shysters that do.  And that is on the page where everyone plays Mr and Ms Ultra intellectual.  They really do pretty much go off in the vein of angel dancing on the head of a pin, except they always mange to spin it as something regarding republicans; either outright or implied.

So you hate republicans.  I'm not arguing.  But I do think, since we never nailed Bush for things like prosecutor Johnny Sutton's criminal acts and pandering to Mexican crooks, we can avoid the same mistake and hold this group accountable for their gun running fiascos, both in Mexico and, in another context, in Benghazi.  And IRS and NSA abuse; just to scratch the surface.

But nooo. Any mention of any of it and here we go with republican this and republican that and opponents just want to take Obama down because he is black.  What part of bullshit do these sycophants not understand?   It is annoying me to no end today.  It is like a bunch of automatons programmed to parrot the same thing over and over, no matter what facts or questions lie before them.

They want me to smoke.  You think I'm going to do what they want me to do?  No!  They can probably turn that into some republican this and that nonsense.  Obviously they refuse to hold the two teams they think cover the entire gamut of human discourse and thought to equal standards.   A republican can sneeze in a closet and it is some evil racist plot, most likely involving the Koch brothers.  But Pelosi or Feinstein can be making millions off of government favors and any mention is back to republicans this and that and furthermore fox news is bad.

I've never seen anything like it.  And it is all a plot to make people smoke cigarettes, sniff glue and give up.  And you better buy insurance or they'll mess you up so you have to go to the hospital, and then you got some 'splainin' to do.  But they aren't republicans, so that makes it all OK.  That is, apparently, the whole democratic platform; we aren't republicans and every screwed up, corrupt, crony ridden act we make is not our fault.  It is all because republicans hate women, puppies, old people ("seniors" barf), the children, education, art, and they love mass murder.

These are people who probably do well at scrabble and other smarty pants contests, yet they continually pump out this one sided, half true or totally false nonsense.  They sincerely believe that you can run the US like a small european state and that making everyone but them pay for it is going to be utopia.  They must be on grants.

I want a grant to research how not to smoke when the Man and his herd of elitist sheep drive you over the edge.

Been reading Roxanne's dad's books about the airlines and his life.  What a cool guy.  A movie should be made without a doubt.  Really something, I think.  Most WWII veteran airline pilots were 1st class jerks.  Heroes, sometimes, but total ego-swelled pricks.  I knew many, including my own dear dad, pbuh.  Facts are facts.  Papa of Roxanne was not like that.
I don't know why Roxanne isn't putting the full court press on me.  She really should.  If she isn't totally nuts we'd be good.  If I had a game, I'd step it up.  Friggin subliminal attack is not yielding any obvious results.  She's probably in on the make-John-smoke conspiracy.  Not sure if she has high cheek bones.  I only know I do because some people said so.  I don't even know what that means.

In any case, papa Roxanne is an excellent example of how to live your life.  I'm sure it hasn't all been roses, but I think he's kept his end of every bargain, and been gentle and forgiving of those who may have fallen short.  Although he probably held a hard line at times.  He married someone who never quit being ultra attractive, and probably hasn't spent a boring moment since birth.  And he has good looking daughters, and a son that did quite well.

So, the ones who can't address an envelope without going off on republican this and that, the ones who want a king, Roxanne, the Cherokee nation, and maybe the Sioux, are all trying to make me smoke.  This is now a battle of wits, and I think it inconceivable that I will lose.  Been taking DHA to make my brain optimal.  They have no chance.

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