Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Ahnold Treatment? Legally Draining Your Taxes

Part 1. The Belmondo is now on steroids. Perhaps we will be of big muscles soon

 Part 2 is... forgot. It is the one after the first one

This is important information for the medical case study.  We can hope for the best and wonder if we know the difference.

So, the Alpine clinic is nicer than the places whose doors I darkened in Memphis when I had the good insurance.  I arrived when they opened at 8:30, and they found me a spot at 10 A.M.  By the time I filled out an ocean of paperwork including listing my love life as "hopeful" when the asked about its status regarding active or not.

The never even asked me to take my clothes off.  I guess I wore underwear in vain.  And an unstained T shirt.  My friend in Ft Lauderdale had an eye issue one time and that perv doctor was trying to find reasons to get her shirt off.

In retrospect we should have beat him into unconsciousness and taken his money and perhaps his shoes.  And we should have told his wife.  But that is another story, and besides I was wanting the young ladies to abuse me.  This could be symptomatic of deeper issues. But that is another story for another time.

They suggested I talk to the insurance lady, so I did, at 1:30.  She let me in early.  I could not believe I didn't have to wait until 12:30 for a 10 o'clock appointment, and then the insurance lady was on the ball.  I'm only officially employed, part time, since Apr 1.  She felt like she'd spoken to e a day earlier than that, so I am in the awful system that people never ought to have let evolve to this point.  I'm talking even well prior to this health insurance scam, even prior to John Edwards ruining the lives of good, decent doctors through junk science.

Anyway, I qualify for YOU to pay almost all of my medical expenses.  Thank you.  I honestly don't think it is right.  I paid for the blood test the are doing prior to insurance lady stuff so I guess I saved you a couple of hundred there.  Sliding scale brought the visit down to thirty bucks.

I am desperate to get this problem relieved and in the height of the agitation probably would have traded this computer, or my car, even my didgerie do.  Still it goes against my beliefs.

I could care less if you are all neo-bolsheviks who cannot see that what you blame on "capitalism" or "the economy", 1% , etc.  is largely the result of government involvement and partnerships with private corporations while finding ways to avoid enforcing laws against force and fraud.  No doubt you disagree and find me extreme.

Extreme is the way people cling to variations of feudal monarchy and won't let go.  Whatever the case, I'm sorry for this set up.  I could probably pay for this medical adventure on a one time basis.  I cannot pay for insurance and afford to live, too.  So, you get to buy me insurance I would have done without, because I don't want to be on their list of insurance dodgers.  IT'S THE LAW.  And lots of people love it.  And they love it for the exact reason I do not like it--they get free stuff at YOUR expense.

At least you know I will only avail myself of the minimum, plus maybe a bag of the free California condoms in the lobby.  I'll fill them with water and throw them at cop cars from some overhead cliff.

It seriously troubles me.  I don't care if every deadbeat and undocumented fugitive is getting even more free stuff than I am.  It is a dumb way to do things and I think it is wrong.  Charity is not wrong, but forcing others to pay for it at gunpoint is wrong. When government gets into the business of charity, that is what you have.  And they bleed you dry to do it, so you have less ability to help people on your own.

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