Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Who I Played With Saturday Morning

Trevor McSpadden - Better Off Alone

This guy invited me to play a roadside farmer's market thing Saturday based on my reputation.  He's definitely professional and, like many native Texans, one very nice person.  His wife is very cool--a knockout--and their baby is one happy girl.  I told him he was richer than most.  I think he may know that.

He said he liked my style of play an such.  I was about his age a long time ago.  Oh well.

It is still murder not smoking.  That was my number one hobby for the last many years.  I'm using my self-loathing to keep away from them, "suffer, you dumb bastard!!!"  Try as I might, I've never been one of those than understood the concept of "loving yourself" for more than a few seconds at  time.  Maybe I just don't get what it means and I really do feel whatever they are talking about with such concepts. I doubt it.  It's OK.  I trick myself, with occasional success, into temporary sanity.

In some ways I guess I do OK.  It comes and goes.  Loving you is a far easier concept. I can't be loving you and hating me too much at the same time. See?

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