Friday, May 16, 2014

Red Letter Day

For the first time in awhile I was able to shower without 45 minutes of after-shower under the skin fire ant attack.   Of course, to accomplish this I had to wait until things felt settled down.  Much of the day this phenomenon felt as if it were trying to rage forth.

Keeping calm, covered and infused with anti-histamines is the program for managing it.  Of course the other rituals also help.

It reminds me of the old Crisco party stories I heard way back when.  But this is not much fun.  Coat yourself n very light--not too fragrant--olive oil, and for good measure add a coat of coconut oil.  Then go in an use tea tree oil shampoo instead of soap.

End it all with water very hot, all over.  Run until it feels like you're as used to the hot water as you'll get.  The the mad dash to dry off quickly, but with minimum rubbing, as that can make matters worse.  Multiple towels is one way to go.

Then quickly throw on cotton tee shirt and long sleeve shirt, etc.  All the while willing calm equilibrium upon your body.  Today there are a few little irritations but not much.  The minor twinges which hint that an attack would love to come through feel like it does when you get your hair cut and  little of it gets down your shirt.

If that is all there is, then fantastic.  So, today is good.

 I tried to see if substituting cleaning up with baby wipes would be a quick alternative sometimes.  If you have this, do not waste your money.   It will send you over the edge.

So, I have to figure a way to go further with the tests to see if all this is a harbinger of doom, and if so, to what degree.  Or maybe just an anomaly of temporary duration.  In most of these cases they never figure it out.  I'm probably one that will be figured out. Or else it will just go away.
It is surreal.

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