Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Please Let Me Get It Right

So I hear through a third party that the lady who is manager of the place where I work is hitting the road, Jack, in about one month.  Four or five weeks.

Why have I not been informed?  You probably have no more answer to that than I do.  Such a bizarre work situation.  However, this means the job may be momentarily vacant.

And it is a cushy job in many ways, and a royal pain in others.  I'm obviously the best person for this post.  So, it could happen.  The number one problem I see is that it is rare that the best person for a job lands it.  And those doing the hiring are in Chicago, and pals with Rahm and Barry, and the devil himself for all I know.

So, I have to figure out how to get somewhere.  I'm not sure the one leaving is in a position or of temperament to help me secure the position.  A good reference I'm sure. We'll see.

I have to just believe the right thing will happen.  It would be a good paying gig which allows flexible hours for the most part, and a lot of crazy problem solving, which suits me.  We'll be busier than we've ever been for the rest of the year and maybe even beyond that.

Hopefully I can make it happen and keep the physical anomaly under control enough to pull it off.

I need to quickly design a plan of attack to get this job.  If I stayed here, and didn't overspend  could put away a lot of money in a hurry.  Probably half of my take home or more.

It could be the end of my job as I know it.  I have no idea.  Any number of things could happen.  It is a crazy world and a crazy operation.  Whatever the outcome,  I guess some kind of change, move, or improvement is overdue.

No word re the various tests. They should have them for sure.  I'm not sure if the Dr  back in town or not.  Forgot about that. He ordered these through the wonders of modern communication and the coordinating skills of nurse Becky.  Well no news means no one has seen anything alarming, if anything has been seen yet at all.

When did regular Levis become so costly?  Finally checked the Levi store at Viejas outlet.  Is that weird that a native American tribe be called Viejas?  Doesn't that mean "old women" in spanish?


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  1. I commend your grasp of the situation and acknowledgement of various outcomes. Fore-warned is fore-armed. That's the biggest part of the battle right there. Fingers crossed for the best outcome possible.

    [and remember plan C if you are overcome with a desire to come and hang out in the Empire State, a scant 100km from the center of the universe]


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