Saturday, July 26, 2014

Strangely Strange Times

So, I'm the only one who knows my boss is hitting the road, and I'm covering for her while she makes her escape from the state.  For various reasons she can't risk letting the office of Mr king maker know just yet.  Back stabbing and intrigue in the Chicago office complicate the issue.

Further complication is that I think I want the job.  To push now would only hurt me and my friend, the current house manager.  So, I bide my time.

On top of that is the problem that physical issues have limited my activities, although I'm doing my best to work around that, and maybe it is improving. I'll see the doctor on tuesday to see what's up with latest blood tests.  I suspect maybe the tests will be about the same as before.  If it is just a nebulous journey into the halls of money sucking medical institutions, I will withdraw from the process and decide where to go from here.

I'm not happy with the way I always place myself in self imposed isolation wherever I go.  I will find people who find me of some benefit and do what I can there.  Being useful to others seems to put me in a better frame of mind and I forget my sadness when in the thick of such efforts.

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  1. Ahh, the intrigue! Hope things work out well for you on all counts.



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