Monday, August 25, 2014

Maybe It's Not Obvious But I'm Hiding From News

Well, yes and no.

After three or four times of hearing the radio news playing Al Sharpton giving a really bizarre talk at the funeral of the late Mr. Brown,  I think I cracked.  Something snapped.   I went from WTF? to You have got to be F'ing kidding me!!  To changing channels, deleting emails from various news or opinion sources.

Lately everything I see is nuts.  Team D for donkey is so far over the edge I am dumbfounded.  But you'd think their alleged opposition would be more pleasing and sane.  At least if you think like I think.  But you'd be wrong.

Now I catch myself yelling at those people too.  I think it is all one team and the one in power orchestrates their own opposition, and makes them look really full of it.  That way you don't notice the complete mafia style operation which is in power, or at least the window dressing for whatever is in power.

So, Al, who never met Michael Brown, was not there when he got shot so he does not know what happened for sure, has no idea what Brown was even like,  none, decided he is the grand jury, the judge, jury and prosecution. Who needs the relevant data?  Not the Rev.   He's a stranger to the place, the people, and the deceased.  But that won't stop Al.  He's a master at manipulating the lynch mob mentality.

He's up there telling everyone what a dead 18 year old wants in relation to the entire country.  He's dead, Al.  You have no idea what he wants.  We know what you want, and I can only imagine the cash register dreams you're tacitly planting in the minds those who are in shock and possibly actually have some shred of feelings and conscience, but I can't say yay or nay on that.

The big question I have about any of the bereaved is that they would allow a stranger to come in pretending to channel their son.  Pretending to know their son.  It's like allowing someone to crash the funeral of a loved one, and knowing that the interloper knows zilch about the dearly departed, you let him give the eulogy.

It makes me seriously wonder about them that they would sell out the respect of their boy that way.  But, I've finally come to believe that the average person is a moronic mercenary who is only affected by conscience if witnesses are present.  The evidence is overwhelming and I am tired of insisting that people are basically good.  If they were they would not be so scared of the very concept of freedom and self regulation in any sense.

If people weren't so damned stupid we would not have big groups running around shooting one another, wouldn't have fanatic lunatics cutting up people while our own self hating elitists pretend that all cultures and religions are equal and well meaning.

The effort to appear intelligent by smugly spouting misanthropic tripe about how we don't deserve to survive and all that is really just the ravings of the insecure--and those just smart enough to recognize they are almost bright, but not smart enough to have much confidence in their intellect, so they play the smug hater of their own kind.   Of course they give the impression that they are above it all.  They are superior and elite.

Anyway, if Al Sharpton and the people who pretend his opportunism is something noble, were a true cross section of humanity.  I'd certainly try to join another species.  Maybe become a dolphin or space alien, or a bear.  Bears can harass the hell out of people, and people put up signs telling each other ahead of time that it is their fault; bears are always right.

What kind of person could just march in and hijack a family's grief for his own ends?  And act like he knows what a dead person wants?  It is as shameless as I can imagine, though I know Al will prove to me that his capacity for shameless exceeds the bounds of my imagination.


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  1. I remember Sharpton from the tawana brawley mess in NY decades ago. He was wrong then, sued and to my knowledge never apologized or even paid the judgment against him. I have therefore put him on my ignore list for the most part. Rudy Giuliani was the ONLY politician who ever told him to butt out of something that was none of his business and made it stick. He is the most vile racist on the planet, and the fact that ANYONE pays a bit of attention to a word he says speaks only to their own bias and lack of intelligence. Pah Ptui


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