Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Friggin' Hoodinias

For whatever morbid reasons, I was pondering the virtues of "the ones that got away".  Granted they are in a better place; and I'm not saying this in the funereal sense.   That aspect of life is merely the benefit one receives when she graduates from my finishing school for wayward women.  They all go on to do great things, achieve happiness, and confidently exercise more of their potential than they thought possible prior to encountering me.

Of curse, much of the progress described above occurs after, and only after, graduation.  It's almost uncanny, though, just how well it works.

I'm not sure which has done the best in the overall balance of things---possibly the girl with the dragon tattoo.  Possibly the one who was not that one, or the other one that was not either of those.

They all know who they are, so no need to freak out just because you are who you are and I claim credit for your good fortune.  Some little bit of credit, not all, however you probably would not have done as well without me, except for one of you. You would have done fine,  maybe.

On second thought, no, you wouldn't.  That you doesn't even know of this blog, to my knowledge.

Here's how I feel about the graduates from the Ballistic Charm Academy;  I love them, but I also hate them because they are live demonstrations of what a dumbass I am and have always been.   So, sometimes I think, "Yay for her.  How nice that she's thriving."  And sometimes I think, "Grrrr.  Get thee out of my sight!!  Let's be strangers so I can pretend I am not stupid, and that I don't know you".

When it comes down to it, I think it is all for the best.  If they graduated to do worse, that would really suck.  So, in conclusion, never mind...

One thing all have in common--by hook or crook they escaped.  Like Houdini

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