Friday, December 19, 2014

Is the Reaction the Culprit?

Lately I wonder if I am inventing all the physical things, or stressing in reaction, thereby causing the condition.  It may make no sense.

My only real goals are to finally make my house clean, civilized and not a nightmare, and to get a new timing belt on the car, and clean it up like the house.  That's it.

That would eliminate most of the stress.  Then I wouldn't be that worried with lines like "often doesn't kill you right away".  Like someone recently said, I need to get my head out of the sand.  People who have colds should take measures, when out, to avoid infecting others.  Some people just don't care.

This is poor timing in my case.  Usually I can fight off anything quickly.  Right now the defense system may be a little less formidable than usual.

Now we have a new manager at work.  The nature of things is such that no one knows much.  But it has created an opportunity for some very greedy creepy family members of the housekeeper, who is supposedly my friend, to try to undermine me and take my job.  I'm not on my game lately, but I have a feeling that even off my game I might be seen as worth more than these ne'er do wells.  But I cannot guarantee it.

It sucks.  Being betrayed by people who were supposed to be my friend is nothing new.  I'm not sure how I manage to set up such circumstances time and time again.

One toxic family; the mother, who is the actual housekeeper, and the rest are supposed to occasionally help, but they are always there; the son, his husband, and his husband's mother.  Plus one other lady who is probably not part of the set up shenanigans.  She is not there very much since the old manager's last day.  The new guy is moving from Chicago.

And he's still involved in Chicago's main office. The place where I work is owned and run out of Chicago.

Anyway, it is bizarre when people pull this and when someone could stand up for you, or turn a blind eye in a cowardly attempt to avoid upsetting the toxic family apple cart.  I'm not up to it.

I think when I get things better defined and sorted, I will be able to get energy back and such.  I'll direct my own treatment etc.  We'll see if this insurance actually works.  I just have my doubts.

Either way, I think I could get the essential diagnostics done.  Any knife work or real good drug may get expensive.   First the mutant test.  They are pretty sure I'm a mutant.  If this proves true, I may get a sweatshirt that says "Certified Mutant".

Big music magazine party on Sunday night.  I think we may end up playing a song or two.  I have to hope I can be in shape to do it.  I will be.  When I want to, I get things done.  I'm good at that in a strange way.  I've been letting that talent go dormant, but now I am suddenly looking at things differently.  So, I've been getting things done.

People who complain about being victims, being judged, and ill treated often turn out to be the nastiest, greediest, most dishonest bastards, with no shred of compassion, humanity or decency.  That is the big danger of the victim mentality; it excuses immoral abuse of others.

People who know they have colds should take measures  slowly
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  1. Well. Here's sincerely hoping the cure -- for all your aforementioned afflictions -- is effective and lasting. Adventures in healthcare and employment don't get any funner as we get older, but we can at least bitch about it on our blogs!

    1. All hypothetical fiction in my case. Of course, as people get older things happen. Hang around anywhere long enough and something will change, things will happen.


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