Monday, August 4, 2014

Should I Be Worried?

People seem to really get off on high heels, especially the ones with foot long spikes for heels.  I seriously have to say, super high heels, and a lot of make up, and a garment of no so soft material holds no appeal for me.  The heels look lethal, not to mention highly uncomfortable.

Maybe this is my trouble.   

Talk about your war on women.  How do designers get away with it?  And why do women encourage the pain and trouble foisted upon them by fads and fashion?  

I bet there's something wrong with me, and that would make sense.  Even so, I can't reconcile myself to the norms of large segments of the society in which I live and atrophy.

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  1. Verbi here:

    No, there's nothing wrong with your very sound view on this issue: spike heels are the modern Western version of the Chinese practice of binding women's feet. Now, as to WHY females go along with it? Because they think it'll attract males. They should've spent their highschool, college and grad school years in the '70's: that would've inured them to the fatuous fashions of today. No self-respecting woman from that generation would wear either polyester or spike heels. (My mother wore them for almost half a century, and has had to dearly pay the painful price in her old age.)


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