Thursday, January 22, 2015

People Say Some Crazy Things; ps, Obama made me laugh

Seriously.  I was in my car listening to the State of the Union speech.  It sounded like one of those motivational workshops, all the sincere, yet humorous strategizing about what "we" need to do.

For awhile there I was struggling with nausea, but then he went into comedy.  What cracked me up was his assertion that all the government spying and wire-tapping, etc., was old news, and largely forgotten, but he was on it.  He didn't forget.

Obama said he was having his people look into the alleged malpractice of the agencies run under his direction (by definition).  They had been studying and looking into all this, and they were going be sure it was all transparent and report back on any wrongdoing.

That's like telling someone you'll pay them a dollar if they can guess how many fingers you're holding behind you're back.  Oops, no, you guessed wrong, try again.  If you get accused of cheating, promise to look into it and offer to do a report of your findings.  Nope, I didn't cheat.

God, people, you really do sucker for glamorous talk, ignoring the fact that maybe government officials need to back out of more things rather than expand their involvement.

He said he wanted to close tax loopholes.  Right.  Abolish the IRS?  Find a fair and simple method?  Not a chance.  The IRS is weapon number one for any well entrenched Washington politico.  Any fool has to know that.  That is why it has been tolerated.  People are afraid of it, and they use it when they can.  If he were sincere about any of his business talk, he'd be cutting the tax rate for corporations.  We have one of the highest rates which is discouraging to businesses.

Democrats love taxes and official power. And rules.  I am baffled by it.  Republicans, I haven't a clue what they want. They say one thing and do another, plus they worry about stuff that is noble to worry about, in some circles, but not the stuff of government monitoring and control.

Anyone paying close attention would realize that the speech was a flowery paraphrasing of the Communist Manifesto.  Sounds dramatic, but it is just the truth.

'From each according to his ability, to each according to his need', was sold as if it is moral and not something that takes force to administer.  No corruption in deciding who is capable of supporting those deemed needy.  Who decides? is always the issue.

For some reason, democrats I know think it is ok for bureaucrats and politicians to decide such things.   They never think they might be on the short end of the stick and be unfairly bullied by government.  They don't care if others are abused by official authority.  Unless those others can be molded into a permanent underclass and reliable voting bloc.

Anyway.  What a mess.  Mitt and Jeb--are you kidding me?  And Hillary or Pocahontas?   People want royalty so they are incapable of grasping the concepts of natural rights, innocent until proven guilty. sovereignty of property and home, etc.  That is why elections center around sound bites which are meaningless nuggets of nothingness, or grotesque slogans--if you really analyze them;  Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.  Right.  And whom should be asked?  

Anyway, I busted out laughing, then cut the radio off and went in to play.  I figured I'd quit the speech on a high note.  The one about him investigating the integrity of his operation and reporting back to us.  Obviously the majority of people are either greedy enough--thinking they will gain personally, or stupid enough to play along and believe the nonsense.

It is a time when the philosophy of the sanctity of the human being, and the innate rights one possesses from birth, competes , or tries to, with the philosophy that They owe me, and The Greater Good (as defined by whomever is in power) always trumps the rights and property of mere individuals--especially those who have no political clout and can't sick the IRS on enemies.

So far the idea that people exist by permission of the state has been hammered into the citizens and they accept that.  It is completely counter to the purest of precepts under which the country was structured.  Nothing pleases a lot of these people more than seeing the few, who don't want to be pestered by the collective, bullied and controlled by Big Brother.  It is sick but true.

If the presidential race came down to Jeb vs Hillary, I'd stay home.  Besides that being an obvious result of a corrupt system, it is like no choice at all.   I prefer Hil to Pocahontas, but that is not much consolation.  The Native American princess makes Obama look like a freedom lover.  She's the misanthrope's dream.  Those people hate the human race, I am convinced.

Anyway.  I'm glad to hear the country is doing better than ever before, jobs are everywhere, and costs are way low. Hell, they practically give food away.  Gas prices are down and we get lectures about why this is disastrous for us.  Really?  What they say makes sense, sort of.  But such thinking is also somewhat skewed.

Do you have any idea how troublesome it is when your hands will not stop itching?


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