Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'm But a Childish Miami Redneck

Not sayin' that's a bad thing.  However, I am not sayin' it's a good thing neither.

It was a blast at the conference with the army of skin specialists.  Some new faces this time.  The thing that blows me away is the willingness of the guy from Coronado to oversee my path to quick and reasonable trouble shooting and resolution.  He arranged for me to again do the conference thing because he's so booked up and he can do it for free and have several others weigh in.  It was an act of kindness, trust me.

Ha!!! I don't even know for sure who you are, yet I encourage you to trust me.  That ought to raise a red flag.  Anytime the "trust me" thing gets thrown out there, when it doesn't stand scrutiny, one should move with extreme caution.

But trust me anyway, this time.

He had a whole plan of action and how to get competent and cooperative vampires on board.  I think we can have everything narrowed down by April, if I can be sane and patient.  I yelled at the smarmy stranger on the phone yesterday, but I actually think this is going to work out better.

I stopped in where people were playing music at a coffee house, but only stayed for awhile.  Kind of a way station between derma conference and home.

I'm going to send the arrogant doc's office staff a note apologizing for inappropriate language, even though the victim of my wrath has the PR skills of a porcupine.  Maybe.  It was irresponsible of them to know they were on the list yet they did not remove themselves, which one can do.

They have every right to refuse whatever form of payment doesn't suit them.  I don't blame them.  There are too many hoops to jump through, sometimes.  It is not always worth it.  They've taken the fun out of playing doctor.  I can't condone that at all.

I too often forget how well people treat me when it matters.  Back to a goof plan and people to help see it get done.  Fortunate twist of fate.

I think our last practice, last night, had some of the best moments we've had, gigs included.  It was much better, I thought.  It was nice to listen to everyone else while it seemed I was just hearing myself play, like hearing one of them.   Whatever the deal, our sound was the best ever, as were the dynamics and nature of the parts.  That is fun to do and a nice escape sometimes. Most times.

I'm not even going to comment on national events aka government follies.  WTF nation.

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