Monday, February 23, 2015

Sorry, Pat. You Are a Moron

Nothing is more heart warming than watching pampered millionaire actors include diatribes implying the depth of their struggles and extent to which they are oppressed when they give acceptance speeches on TV.

Patricia Arqurazy is no exception.  Angry, bitchy, sexist moron who does not grasp economics, history or much else.  Obviously she does not know the constitution does not single out people by sex.  She and her misguided friends do that.  Everything is separated by condition of birth, because to them you must adhere to different philosophies and moral codes according to your color or gender--if any.

Seriously, woman, you are very stupid, but you do not know this because your smart sounding friends join in your causes.  Even if they know nothing about the causes they champion.

I'm sorry she doesn't think she is paid as much as men.  We're with you.  I feel your pain.

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