Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wishful Thinking

Just five hours ago I was going to write that I felt almost cured.   Even though it is not hot, I guess the 80% humidity got the best of me at 4A.M.  I tried the acetaminophen trick.  It inexplicably helps some people with this sort of weirdo skin sensations.  I feel like it helped me the last few days.
Definitely not a cure-all.

I'm still wondering if it is a placebo effect of some kind.  I do not think so.  For some reason that particular drug does something to ease the skin attacks.  However it was a foreigner on the aquagenic pruritis forum who claimed ot was working for him.

And can we be sure to trust foreigners?  Especially if they talk English english? I'm sure you share my tendency to be skeptical of such people.

It looks like I will not be writing that I feel so good, maybe I am almost cured.  Maybe next time.

In other news, I think the fiddler is quitting our project.  The Sande(pronounced Sand ee.) project.   He wants to do more of his own material and he doesn't like being rebuked when he commandeers a microphone, mine for example, when Sande retunes her guitar, and starts playing MC, and semi-front man.

He's a good entertainer, but sometimes doesn't know he is stepping on toes.  I let him know how I felt about it.   Mostly how it is done more than what is done.  I turn around to switch harps and when I turn back he is just in front of me yakking on my mic.  The sound man re-qadjusted it because he talked so much.  Then I went to play and it was like an explosion as ear drums in the room burst.

You do that, you have to accept that someone might say don't do that.

It is the front man compulsion.  Some people can front when it is called for, then happily go back to being a supporting player when that makes sense, with no qualms.  He likes to be the front.  But as talented as he is, I do not think his original material,  at least what I've heard is the kind that grabs you and stands apart.  But he wants to work on his own stuff and says he is not growing.

I guess I saw it coming, but I kind of thought he'd more be finding a way to get me out, since I am not sure he valued the unique blend as much as I, as well as others, did.

I am not that pleased with this turn of events.  I thought his contribution to the sound was really important.  So, now she'll replace him.  There is only one violin I would go for but I'm alone in that.  She'll go for another guy who will be happy to be there, but I doubt I can work well with, so I expect I'll get booted.  Maybe not.  There is a young lady who plays violin, on occasion, with people I know, and she is pure magic to me.  Like a siren of sorts.

Her tone is like honey, and she is subtle and plays what I would play were I to play that instrument.

For now, I don't know.  I will just work it out.

Today we find out what this visit is about.  More accurately, bone scan and mutant test results will be revealed.   If he pulled me in six weeks earlier than planned for nothing, I will not like that.  Dracula is not the type to do a lot of stupid things, I don't think.

Also, I get to play for the Lutherans tonight will Kev and Lauren.  I'm singing harmony on the song as much as playing on it.  Crazy.  But I didn't want the Lutherans to forget me.  I am after all the official harmonica player for the Lutherans and Mormons.  Moreso the Lutherans these days.

My own church, the order of everlasting fertility rites, has turned their back on me.

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