Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ace in the Hole

All of the preceding is true, and I am displeased with this stuff, but I can't forget one important fact;  I'm the miracle boy.

Matters not if you are atheist or whatever, there is more to life than meets the eye.  I'd think just a cursory brush with quantum physics would demonstrate that.  And I have been far more fortunate than many when it comes to some out of nowhere rescue when I am hanging by my nails over a cliff.

I won't elaborate, but I know.  It doesn't mean that this time biology and Newtonian physics won't finally send me packing, but I would be ungrateful for past favors if I discount the possibility that this can get better.  I say "favors" because that is how it felt when I thought I was doomed and boom, I escaped.

I'm one who believes in multidimensional states of being, which could imply parallel universes and all that. I don't go that far, but I do believe there could be a lot going on we just don't see.  We know some aspects of matter and being, but not enough to even make sense of existence.

Like, just now, an item I searched for time and time again over the last two days suddenly appeared out of nowhere in plain view.  I choose to believe it slid into another dimension and finally slid back.

So, I have to believe improvement is possible.  Matters not if anyone thinks otherwise.  Always gets me when self styled science types pretend to know what is absolutely impossible.  That is rote science.  For parrots.  It is not how the real scientists create so many great things.

Alright. Maybe there is hope.  I cannot ever let myself get too mopey, regardless of all.  Not again,.  Mopey and depressed are not my friends.  So, adios you crazy things.

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