Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Getting Good Help

It is surprisingly difficult to find people to assist me in the cushy part time job.  And I hang in circles where people need money and often can use the work.  No matter.  They'd rather just not, in many cases.

My situation is such that I need someone to do the stuff I want to do but pretty much can't at this time.  So, I need someone who will do good work, has some awareness of the place and job, and who isn't a psychopath trying to take my job.  Even this little outfit has good guys, bad guys, and drama.

So, I run into a drummer who had been up the coast for several months.  He has skills that will work fine.  I may have to discourage overdoing the perfectionism.  The main thing is that this will allow me to fulfill my obligations to the workplace and not let my personal issues put me at the mercy of evil doers who would steal my job.  The old manager knew that I am irreplaceable, just because.

I'm not so sure the new manager knows this.  Hard to say.   At this point, maybe not.

The drummer, D1, got the tour today and helped me do a few things.  He'll make more than I will overall, but things will get done that I find difficult.  Playing is easier.  People know I may have to lay out at any moment but it is different.  Plus, I think I play better than I do labor.  I've done plenty of each.

Here's some stuff.


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