Monday, May 11, 2015

It's Twue, It's Twue!!! Music does soothe the savage beast

We had a practice tonight.  I guess I haven't played with the Enter the Blue Sky group in many days, or a week or so.  I forgot I could feel that good.  It immediately removed my free floating anger and frustration.  I cannot believe how my mood shifted after a song or two.  Really remarkable.

All I wanted to do was punch doctors and yell at anyone and everyone when I arrived.  Then I was only too happy to just be alive and be playing with nice people.

This is why I rarely trust my anger and a certain sort of judgement.  I am often too far off to take my feelings as solidly rooted in reality.  I know this.  It seems most people do not know that anger can tend to bring about injustice, warped assessment of others, and a host of problems.  Not that it is not sometimes in order.

 If you are not mad a looters, you are probably a duped progressive and need to lay off the koolaid.

If you really think muslims are oppressed and misunderstood, you again need to cut down on the koolaid.

Controlling anger and understanding how it can lead to unfair view or treatment of others does not mean one has to pretend that the aberrant and base are somehow valid and worthwhile.

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