Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bucking the Medico Madness

Ever since my last visit to Dracula the oncological egomaniac, my resentment of his methods and statements has grown.  I am given to delayed reactions.  It is my nature.  So, I just kind of puzzled over his attitude while there.

Then it downed on me;  if the issue he has stubbornly confined himself to addressing is the level of various blood components, why schedule an appointment without a lab to see if the new poison regimen is working out?  And, if a lab were scheduled and he has no desire to troubleshoot further, why bother with the appointment?  He can call and say to take more, take less, or he could say, "Hey, I pulled my head out of my posterior long enough to realize maybe I need to check for xyz, since my initial dx seems slightly flawed".

Anyway, I called his office and they claim to have put a lab request in and canceled the appointment.  I told them I was disturbed that the guy obviously did not spend even a minute reviewing my file prior to the last visit.  His questions were that of a person who could get someone killed by refusal to just look, double check, Think, for crying out loud!

If I had no symptoms why would I even be there?  I am one who doesn't look for problems and could care less what tests show if I am feeling well.  For a doctor to tell me symptoms from the disease or the "cure" have nothing to do with blood values is enough to get that doctor punched out.  This is why I never go alone any more.

I expect him to take great umbrage at me daring to second guess him, or catch his mistake about the lab.  It may be the death of me.  I can tell you that this bullshit subsidized care is such that they do what they can to kill you if it is cheaper than treating you.  I am not so sure I blame them, except they pretend to be cutting edge, best practice, best survival hope and they pretend in their PR to care.   That is the sickening thing, the pretense and the dishonesty, not to mention the offhanded arrogance coupled with incompetence.

I suddenly have a desire to fix this thing somehow, just so I can throw up the finger to the whole system and particularly those who are too dumb to know they are not the brightest people in the room, and they have no right to make people suffer when they could do otherwise.

Geez.  I know what I am sounding like.  Anyway, I think I have made a move that will either bring some worthwhile communication and action to the process, or I made an enemy out of someone who is not functioning as an asset or ally at this point anyway.

I know I sound like a broken record and someone who bitches all the time but I am not really like that, I don't think.  I am just still sick of this, and of the fact it can't be explained to someone in any way that makes sense to them.  Thank God for the internet at times like this.  Others have similar symptoms for a variety of ills, and others deal with the bureaucrats.  There are a couple of groups that have good info; AP--aquagenic pruritus, and MPN--myeloproliferative neoplasms.  Lots of cutting edge stuff from everywhere.

The common foe for many of these people is the ignorance and arrogance of medical professionals.  Then there are those who have really good luck with professionals in the field.  Those are the ones whose experience helps others find workable solutions to these things.  It seems that the Mayo, or Mayonnaise, Clinic is a good place to go.  Scripps, is hit or miss.  Many horror stories about being marginalized and treated like dirt.  I won't put up with it, so I at least won't be in the system going down the wrong path should they not come around.

I have an ace in the hole; a crack hematologist who will give full attention to all info I can give him.  Too bad he is in Iowa, but his letter based on initial data helped get me to this point.  His theories were broadly proven correct.

Also, I somehow managed to get a fair amount of the poison pill refilled.  Enough to last awhile. I am also not afraid to increase or decrease dose on my own based on various symptoms, and data, should the lab order actually be submitted.

I wonder what happens if I do nothing?  But I know.  Bummer. I prefer the do nothing option.

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