Monday, October 26, 2015

Art of Mating Zen and Three Stooges Craftsmanship into DIY Auto Repair

Holy smoke!
The idler pulley had actually disintegrated or otherwise disappeared.  

The story of my successful foray into removal of the part, and fishing belt strands out from the pulleys from around which they were tangled, can best be illustrated by the fact that aside from the part, a healthy magnet on a long flexible shaft was at top of my list in the parts store.

That sentence is so long, I don't think I want to even read it.

Overall success, so far.  Have to install it with the belts in the morning.  Then I will have AC again, which is vital.  But the bright side is that it is getting done, and I did more than I thought I would.  That is the new deal.  Do one thing more whenever possible.  It is very hard to maintain, but it does help with severe blues.  And the goal is to win before it is all over.  The tendency is to concede defeat and give up, citing one thing after another to support the proposition that it is over and I am forever worthless.  I am attempting to break this pattern.

If I were to actually achieve the goal I have in mind, I would either be a stronger person than I think I am, or I would be touched by some sort of miracle.  But that doesn't mean it can't happen.

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  1. Productivity is definitely a help in overcoming melancholy. Maybe not always a complete cure, but an alleviator for sure.


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