Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Now You Know What I Know

http://mpninfo.org/mpns  That page as all I know about what's up. I am not discussing it much more.  Many of them have the fatigue, itching attacks, etc.  I have not been tested for the philadelphia mutation.  I am JAK2 positive, which is the other one.  Since we can influence blood levels so far, we have avoided a bone marrow excavation.   They stick a needle into your hip bone.  No. Let's wait if we can.

Anyway, so maybe it is more and maybe not, and maybe it will change and maybe not.  I hate having to work around setting off attacks.  They happen just about every day.  Good thing there is a hot hot shower at work.  But it still takes time away, and is a bad situation when others are there.  At least my main coworker knows the deal and is accommodating.  I don't like it, though.

So, that is that.  I will see the arrogant doc next week.  I will be nice unless he pushes.  If he is disrespectful, I will just ask him if he would appreciate such a jerk of a physician if he were in my shoes.  If he says I'm a jerk of a patient, I will agree, then tell him I'll get someone I do not want to punch.

A week from Friday we play a coffee house in Santee or somewhere like that.  The next three days we play Day of the Dead celebration in Old Town.  A hodgepodge of Mexican and California and who knows history and lore.  But the holiday is definitely a Mexican thing.  Dia de los Muertos

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