Saturday, December 12, 2015

To Clarify

There are a number of cultures and groups that I don't really like.   That does not mean that I would go out of my way to persecute or mistreat individuals in those groups, but I would not give them special treatment either.  And if I find certain behaviors and mannerisms trigger mistrust in me, then so be it.  I am well aware that seriously mistaken actions can occur if one is not careful.

That is why governments ought to adhere to the idea that one is innocent until proven guilty.  It is is easy to jump to conclusions which result in unfair condemnation.

That being said, I think there are groups and people who play the government and guilt ridden people of this country in order to serve their own ends.  Ultimately, those guilt ridden people are denied their own culture and customs due to the sway some groups have in making the majority accommodate their prejudices and customs.  I may find that a bit much in many cases.


  1. I am beginning to sense that it has gone SO far that it may fall of its own weight absent some really serious backlash. The idea that 13% of some body can "demand" that Mr Lynch's name MUST be changed is right up there with demanding that the law of gravity MUST be suspended for colored students - oops -students of color. f

    1. I have serious issues with terms like "of color". I do not fall into the groups they reference, yet I am not at all devoid of color. Or soul, for that matter.
      People are hell bent on relishing the opportunity to be victim, and do not see that they are victimizing themselves in the process

  2. Furthermore, I am seeing glimmers of hope at higher levels, such as Supreme Court. What a refreshing feeling to hear of one the judges being called a racist!

    It may even come to pass that the Ivy League may seriously rethink the benefits of ghetto obscenities in their libraries while qualified students are studying. f

  3. (Verbi here)

    Agreed, there are cultures and groups I don't like, either. I don't believe everybody's "equal" (other than that we all share human DNA, are capable of huge horrors and need drastic redemption), it's obvious from just looking at 3rd world "cultures" vs. Western ones.

    1. People are capable of good things too. But mob rule and over bearing government has sought to eclipse the good for eons. But the idea that all are the same because they are equal under the law, or endowed with natural rights, and God allegedly loves everyone, is ill conceived nonsense. It is a cornerstone of the great pretense structure of society which we have embraced for quite some time in the West


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