Friday, October 2, 2015

Recent Events Prove that you needn't be smart to be rich, or be president

I was falling asleep while writing this, dozing off.  I am not sure a lot of it even makes sense.  I will leave it as a curiosity.

Not saying the president isn't smart.  Everyone says he's "off the charts", but actual numbers are sealed.  Where I work, the lack of correlation between money, power and intelligence is demonstrated regularly.

c The brilliance of "common sense" controls on the right to self defense, which is the underlying point of second amendment, is pretty much rooted outside reality, and inside the power elite.   If more laws against guns and how they are bought would prevent lunatics from finding ways to get them, or deter them because they don't want to violate a regulation, then why not just outlaw murder?

Oh wait a minute.  It is already illegal to have firearms on that campus of the latest man made disaster.  Workplace violence will perhaps be the label.  Even security could not have weapons on campus.  So, it was already a zone of extreme gun control and regulation.  Possibly to the detriment of innocent victims.

I am pretty sure murder is illegal, even if there is no way to further the cause of diversity or solidarinosc of some kind.

The truth is that promoting it in the press will not help, and that is exactly what has been happening.  If I want to express my anti-social homicidal maniac side, all this glamour and attention is hard to resist.  And it is easy to do in gun-free zones, especially schools.  Why?  Because they are run by nitwits, possibly highly intelligent, but nitwits when it really comes down to it.  And it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

So if we just forbid people from owning guns, except government people and those who can afford to find a way to buy in, no one will get shot.  None of this would happen if only common sense laws pertaining to home basketball had been enacted.  The dummies who oppose a totalitarian state, which grants rights as privileges which citizens must earn,  obviously don't care, and probably pay mass shooters to do mass murder.

I'm sure some stern signage indicating that the campus is a no-kill zone, and that there is plenty of money to be had, if where it goes  disaooeared

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