Thursday, January 7, 2016

OK. Here you go.

I keep thinking about these mini dwellings that run on solar and wind.   Rather than prisons they should just corral thousands of those things, fit each with a shower and latrine--not group.  You got security and such and it costs much less. And you have a shot at letting a person earn some dignity.
I'm serious.  Many other factors would be in play to thwart evil doers, by design.  I believe in non lethal man traps much more than I believe in the "we know there is rape" system we have now.

Admittedly I have noticed many people--mostly women---who seemed to relish the threat of what jail implies in connection with actual culprits or imagined, hypothetical ones.  Too many people go to jail who do not deserve to go. And putting those that do need a time out in a rape and thug ruled environment, you don't break the pattern for the families and groups who know their way around the yard.

That can't be what I was really thinking.  Can it?

But, here's the deal.  If I could get one of those houses, I could figure out how to whittle my belongings down or maybe store a small amount somewhere.  Then I could pull that sucker in somewhere, hang awhile, then maybe move elsewhere.  Always hang at a camp ground for awhile.  Ideally it could be placed three months or so at a shot.  Not sure the bano--pretend that's the other Spanish n with the tilde--situation on that european unit I saw.  I think it was one of the Scandinavian countries where they made it.  Could even be Germany.

Still doesn't settle the bano--tilde n--question.   I could design something. And there are components on the market.    Now and then you go to one of those deals like at campgrounds where they can empty your waste tanks.

Another gig at Pine House Cafe in Mt Laguna, in February, with Valor and Lace band.  Right now there is snow up there and they require chains.  I may try to find some prior to the gig.  I've always wanted to.  It is not really far.  Maybe 35 or 40 minutes.  Cool place.  Pacific crest hikers are through there a lot, too.  Sande, too, will be booking.  I need to figure how to avoid conflict or anyone worrying about being shorted.  It is hard to explain how I need both of them at this time.

They are my lifelines, in a way.  One group provides one thing and the other, something else. I offer both groups a little different thing, but in both I am fattening the background more than running single note leads.  I feel freer and more intense, usually, with Sande's music.  But there is a feeling of helping Valor and Lace grow.  And it keep getting better.  The more I see of country and learn, the more respect I have for that world.  There are some killer performers and groups, and song writers floating around Nashville,  apparently, who are doing very well.

Lots of cool women like country.  I got hit on at the Pine House last time.  Never happens much any more.  Almost never.  I'm surprised it wasn't like this by twenty years ago, so I can't complain.  But I do, right?  Cracking up

I need to get my marketing hat on.  Chris/Valor and Lace is a good visual stage presence.  Good looking 30 year old guy and girl.  And he's got the Marine thing going which maybe helps his general presence.  Not sure.  But he has that kind of presence that you can't manufacture, teach, or whatever.  He just is, and it fits.  Emily is quite an impressive presence as well.  I'm also learning that she can be one of those fun people on stage too.  It has taken both a while to start loosening up and having fun with it.  That may be one reason Richard has worked so hard to bring me into the heart of this band.  He and I set an example.  Or try.  Got to have fun with it, and don't fight it.  Unless you just enjoy angry sounds, getting all wound up and playing is no good.

Got to get over this cold and learn the stuff for the big Country at the Grand event at the Horton Grand theater downtown.  Around the corner from hard rock. Playing it next week I think.  Alread a ton of gigs between now and end of February.

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