Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Demonstrators? Of what?

Media and others tend to call people "demonstrators", and even preface it with the word "peaceful", when they are anything but.  I have no idea why they would be called demonstrator, except the word "demon" is contained within.  What is being demonstrated?

I never did get that.  Protester, I guess.  It makes sense.  But again, what is being called peaceful protesting is nothing but thuggery and sadistic violence to make sickos feel happy.

All I am saying is, if you don't like what Trump has to say, don't go to the rallies, and instead voice your views wherever you do such things.  But you go out there and hurt horses?   And their riders?  I don't care if they are cops.  You are so far over the line, you are lucky to be alive.  If they don't get you, someone like me could end up doing it. I would make you apologize to the horse and rider.  And groom their horses every day for six months.  That is after you pay any money you have to defray medical expenses and property damage caused by you and your bully friends.

If you think it is OK to silence Trump through violence, then, in principle, you are saying it is OK for the government to silence you with guns and such.  You never know when you may fail to be in proper alignment with viewpoint of those calling the shots.

This is not about Trump.  This is about people who twist the victim label around using it as an excuse to commit any violence and lack of reasoning they see fit.  And as prone to violence and hatred as those people are, violence is what they love.   It is kind of low to throw rocks at police, when they don't want to be there but they have to because thugs decide to congregate, hoping to intimidate people out of their freedom of assembly and speech.

I hate mob violence and the mentality of those who have to hang in a pack or a herd.

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  1. Is it ok to put up a link to this piece on my fb page? I wish everyone could read it. It seems you are the only sane voice I hear these days. fin


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