Friday, July 8, 2016

Beyond Orwellian Lies

I have not read all about it.  Some about it is more like it.

There is not anything I ought to say.  We can watch as stories change and theories that could only have been conceived under the influence of LSD multiply like mentally challenged rabbits.

I worked all day.  I left one tv on to one of my least favorite propaganda outfits--maybe msnbc.  I was rarely in that room but every time I was they were rehashing and live covering and interviewing and trying to force conclusions that are anything except what most people would conclude, given the pieces leading up to this point.

All day long various people talked to on-the-scene correspondents; all attempting to further themselves in some way.

This is real death and they are trying that self serving garbage.  "They" are the people who should shut up, but won't.

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