Saturday, August 20, 2016

Soothing the Savage Beast

Once again we played Demille's Italian restaurant on Adams ave.   At first there were only a couple of people there, and for the longest time.  Then it filled up.  We were outside on the outside dining patio or whatever one might call that.  People on the sidewalk can lean on the wall and watch.

Several did.  There is a bus stop just across the sidewalk and down about ten yards.  A couple of people opted to let the bus go on and waited for the next one so they could enjoy the show.

I felt good about my efforts and everyone else's tonight.  Amazing how nauseous I have been feeling but when I play, none of that has power.  Plus I have my little remedies.  Still, playing, when I can feel some freedom--meaning I am half way familiar with material and everyone is on pitch and making sense--then I seem to float in a different dimension.  It was a very happy place tonight.

That must be my "safe space".  But I rarely chase people out for being white or some other misnomer of a description.

I kind of enjoyed pissing off some facebook folk.  But ridicule politics have just about run my patience and self restraint into the ground.  People who play the intellectual are all up in arms when their side is the recipient of nonsensical cheap shots, photoshopped propaganda, etc., yet they jump on the bully bandwagon of personal attack and insult any chance they get.  I called them on it.

Oh boy, so of course the ridicule turns to me.  Geriatric internet badasses, being just insulting enough that I might be tempted to kick them in the crotch, with ferocity, should we be using the same language in person.

And, I understand with places where we try to nation build or other intrusive foolishness, but Canada?  I don't get all up their face over Canadian politics.  It would be impolite.  I find it impolite when foreign people, not living here get overly involved in our crazy governmental affairs.  For one thing, their info is even more skewed than ours because they aren't here to experience it first hand.  **Even though much of our local news is best found in foreign media**.  We are ill informed as it is.

But, you get a better sense of a place if you are there.  People forget that in their haste to jump to conclusions about debatable or unclear circumstances, some distance away.  If the info available is through an AP or other fine journalist, then God only knows what the truth actually is.

Like hands up, don't shoot.  That scenario never happened.  It was proven, but those who trade in chaos and racial hatred hate the truth as much as they hate people in general, and white people in particular.

Truth is, guilty whites who are set in a way in which they have nothing to lose are the ones who invent most of the racial hatred talking points, like the misguided guilt over "privilege".  These people think Blacks are too stupid to fend for themselves or even complete normal achievements in particular circumstances s well as whites.

====really, everything about the present setup seems designed to maintain a hostile racial divide with a large number of Black neighborhoods being anything but diverse, happy, healthy, safe, or anything else positive. But they get the votes in a friggin block, wrapped neatly.  The whole thing is screwed up.  I have seen real discrimination, and real hypocrisy.  Either content of character, acts and deeds trump race, or they don't.  The pandering elitist trying to hide their colors seem to go with the "don't" option.====

Seriously, Black people are not stupid or weak, but the culture of the 'hood, promoted by pandering white elitists, is unworkable, without much merit, and not constructive.  It keeps people living, culturally, like predatory animals, and it keeps them uneducated, irresponsible for children and much else, and angry at everyone.  This pretense of helping while doing anything possible to decimate an ethnic culture (the redneck-like culture of the hood is not African or anything but redneck--gang attitude etc. See Thomas Sowell's book on the subject. He explains where the redneck culture came from originally.  Not funny, country boy redneck, but proud-of-ignorance redneck.

It blew me away that Sowell's take on what redneck is, for want of another word, is not necessarily confined to a race, but absolutely to behavior.

A culture of anger and resentment is being fomented; and to a large degree by elitist white people pretending to be "fighting for" whatever the mob wants..  Just take a walk in your local 'hood, and if you come out alive, you will know this is true.

I blame the white politicians and demagogues as much as I do the Jesse Js and Al Sharptons of the world for the half truths and the cult of anger and lack of conscience in the inner cities, and even the outer.  You can either celebrate anger and throw gas on the fire, or seriously clean up the situation and quit enabling self destruction.  The advent of "white privilege", insistence upon pretending that institutional racism this huge issue harming all "people of color" [[**Keeeeryst!!! do these people even hear themselves?  Not that long ago the phrase, "of color" would have had all the people obsessed with race all over you.]] is a dangerous approach to take if you want a peaceful heterogenous society.  Or even peaceful segregated.

You have all these racial chauvinists, claiming they aren't racist because they are not white, yet they want separation.  And even more violently racist goals.  Enter the Hillarys of the world.  Let's not only promote half truths, but make sure that all our verbal efforts lead toward hatred and divisiveness based upon race and/or ethnicity; or other physical things like tarnsylvestia

Opportunists do not care about the damage done to strangers, the culture, anything.  The most conspicuous battles for power in our field of view and experience is between opportunists.  Amoral people.  Some of what passes as morality is not, in my book.   But with no code of values you are a lower form of life.  All people are not equal, except in their opportunity to make their own good time and not at the expense of others.

Otherwise, I would consider the deceivers and thieves and thugs in all walks of life, particularly government, a lower class of person.  Those who respect the rights of others, natural rights, are the people you want in your neighborhood.  I do.  And in my life.  period. or should I say "dot"?  Well there already is a period.  Maybe two.  Or more.

Anyway.  Today I am wanting to tell everyone off.  Why, I do not know, really.  But when I was playing with Sande and the others tonight, no negative image or thought while we were actually playing.  I felt good.

Soothed, even


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  1. Had to laugh at the Trump line - basically, look at yourselves... what have you got to lose?

    I still wonder how SO many people can gloss over the fact that black people end up at the bottom of the social structure in every single country where they can be found...not just the US. Look at the countries with the highest and lowest standards of living, by any measure you choose, and then look at the black % in said country. When Europeans were writing 4 part symphonies for 80 instruments and building cathedrals, Africans were living in mud huts and banging on trees and animal skins. And of course, they were step one in the slave trade. All these inconvenient truths seem to have vanished from US consciousness.


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