Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Awareness" ;somewhat annoying but what the heck

I blew it.  September 8th was MPN awareness day!!  The emails I get try to show a little enthusiasm. I missed the day so now either I or all the people who could have been touched will remain unaware.

Except I am aware.  To a point.  I have to say the technical this and that and various drugs, interferon stories, blablabla bores me to sleep.  I am not much into it.

Anyway I am already aware enough.  Myeloproliferative Neoplasms.  It just means blood production anomalies and sometimes it gets worse, or not. Or something.

I have no idea what I think.  No.  Not true.  What I think is that one could lie down and not do very well, or one could avail himself of the Sneaky Slippers program for spunky seniors on his subsidized insurance, which still costs more that the treatments so far, and get stronger and maybe find more energy.

Actually it is called Silver Sneakers and is one of those patronizing things for wacky and zany seniors.  Whoever invented the deal of stratifying age with terms like "youngsters" and "Seniors" could be shot and I'd be ok with it.  I hate the whole "senior citizen" mentality.

How stupid.  The condescending aspect annoys me a lot.  I often take advantage of discounts but believe me I think discounting a product due to age of consumer is absurd and makes me wonder why you charge everyone else too much.  So I get a lower rate but your costs are the same as if I were a 30 year old whatever stupid name you call them.  What nonsense.

But this is where civilization has decided to go.  Too much regimentation and authoritarianism.

OK. So be aware.  MPN.  Mutations and such which cause imbalanced and/or poorly made blood.  And then you end up with a few different possibilities.  With luck it doesn't get too far into the realm in which only stem cells or bone marrow transplant will have hope of fixing it.

I expect in my case that I won't have too much trouble going forward if I can get things straightened out and manage more exercise.

What you really need to be aware of is that if you just go headlong into anything the medical world has to offer, you can end up worse off for the "cure".  Got to approach it conservatively and rationally, but err on side of caution.  That goes for cancers and other things too.

MPNs are considered to live in the oncology world therefore it is a cancer situation.  But in my case not like some wild problematic sort of thing.  Or I don't think so.  Biggest trouble is the pruritus problem and sometimes in conjunction with that it is like my inner thermostat goes all yoyo on me.  Furnace one second, chill the next, back to furnace, and on and on for a hour.

But that is minor.  I am actually getting better at being able to do things and in preventing the attacks of skin discomfort and fatigue.

Now that we are all aware, there are outfits that want your money.  I have no idea if it goes to good use.  Maybe.  Most big government approved charities are a racket.  And I hate the way that it is accepted and expected that they should intrude on the workplace trying to force you to contribute.  Employers often pressure employees.  If they are so concerned let the employer waste his/her money instead of bullying the employee.

And do not even think it is appropriate to hit me up at the cash register.  That is irritating.  So be aware, MPNs can make some people so grouchy that they'll never give to your pushy scam of a charity.

That is more than enough awareness for one day


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