Monday, September 12, 2016

Imaginary Victims Keep Coming Like The Un-Dead

After Colin Crackerjack's ill advised antics, now every other unoriginal nincompoop in sports wants to make some look-at-me drama prior to the game.  Seriously, it is idiotic.  I understand the spin from those who are already misanthropes and hate their country; often just hate, and call it righteous anger over blablabla.  Bitch-aholics.  And victims.  When you are a victim, you become special.

So every fool in front of a crowd wants in on the action.  Who wants to be an aggrieved victim?  I do, I do!!!  Just negotiated my gazillion dollar contract, and now I fight for the poor unwashed.  wherever they may be. I, too, am oppressed!
New victims every minute!!  They won't rest until they eat you up!

To say that you will do whatever until the flag stands for what it should is a foolish statement.  What the flag stands for does not change.  How people live up to it does.  This is where people diverge in viewpoints.  Some never get that there are Ideals, Values held in esteem.  That is not to say all live up to those ideals or values.

Minority violence is the modern day problem most pressing in the world of "of color", not outside racism.   There is growing backlash to all the alleged racism and unequal prosecution of hate crimes.  But hate crimes legislation is there just so various groups can become more special than others as they see fit.   Violent crime is not a loving thing.  If you harm or kill an innocent person then you committed a hate crime.  I don't care if you did it for racial reasons or homowhatnot, etc.

It is a real crime  (and I think tons of victims result) for those kneeling fools, news wanks, political people, community opportunists like Jesse, Al, etc. to pretend that the violence is white racism.  True stats are ignored regarding who is most likely to shoot whom, and the real breakdown on crime numbers.

The racial divide will likely always somewhat exist, but this approach our society has taken the last many years is making it worse.  Avoiding truth is criminal.  At this point you have to realize it is not working out.  It is not healthy for big blocks of the population to have no father around, to regularly shoot one another and whoever else stumbles into the 'hood.  Trying to compensate for problems by demeaning people and treating them like troubled children may have helped Al and Jesse rise in the extortion over race biz, but it has not improved the overall redneck inner city mentality.  Ignorance is king, and victimhood is queen.  And every idiot guilty white racist fuels the process.

And insanity like 3 strikes laws do nothing to help.  Geez, I get it, but do people not see the danger in that sort of draconian foolishness?  For one thing, if you have such a dumb law then be real stingy on which offenses to which you assign the felony title.

Sometimes I feel stuck between the world of crazy progressives and fools like Colin, and gung ho, old west style mob nonsense like those who want to exile anyone not saying pledge of allegiance--again look up the history of that very questionable oath to the state.

The guilty white racist is a rabid liberal who jumps at chances to ridicule and spew hate at their own kind---as if they are somehow now of no race, but in a position of superiority to all.   It is all a cover because of their secret feelings of superiority and true lack of respect for those not like them.  But they fear the other and like their votes and being able to manipulate the bloc.

Just in the last day or two, mass shooting in Birmingham.  Black on black, apparently, so the breathless outrage and cries of "We have to do SOMETHING!!  Anything!!  As long as it involves ridiculous legislation and further punishment of the decent and innocent." need not be heard.   Let's wait for the less frequent occasion when a cracker is involved.  Then it can be about race!!

Fortunately over time, more and more "people of color"--geez that is so bizarre--are breaking away from the routine the exploiters try to perpetuate--inner city and ignorance status quo.  They are doing well and as wary of drifting into the wrong neighborhood as their colorless countrymen.  And women, if you are too nuts to comprehend universal terms.

The flag is one thing that actually does have some principle behind it.  Still, one must be careful with zealous jingoism, too.  There is a sane and true path I hope.

Anyway, the Seattle team did the smart thing.  Get the national anthem out of the way prior to letting the nincompoop athletes out of their cage.   Problem solved.

These self promoting martyrs are such drama queens.  And so ignorant.  And in the case of NFL players, so oppressed and deprived.

So the point is, who cares what you do?  But do not lie.  You are clueless and pretending you are a deep thinker when you do not get the difference between symbols and reality, and constant universal values is a joke.  You are like a Jr. High kid with a leading role in the class play.  And it went to your head.  Now you think you are a spiritual leader of a great movement.

By the way NFL, hands up, don't shoot never happened.  I hate lack of truth.  If you have a point, you shouldn't make up stuff thinking that will send it home. It backfires.  Except among the studiously ignorant.

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