Friday, June 10, 2016

The Race to Victimness is Littered With Racists

This should be kept short.  I know it is a waste of time.

Fact: the name "La Raza" is, by definition, racist.   It just goes downhill from there.  It is the mix of Spanish and aztec, mostly.  A marriage born of rape.  So these morons decide history starts and stops where and when it is convenient to their narrative of greed cloaked as something holier.  Like being a VICTIM.  There is no juice if we aren't victims with clear enemies.

If they want to bemoan the disruption of the pristine Aztec utopia, they tend to ignore the brutality that won the Aztecs their territory.  They were bullies and jerks.  The other tribes were the ones who created the technology as such. Aztecs simply conquered them and made use of their ingenuity.

Anyway, it is a group whose common thread is greed for power and money, seeking special privilege by claiming to be victims.  And they are not too concerned about integrity or decency.

It is so bizarre how the guilty white idiots have encouraged every non white entity to become obsessed with race and ethnicity, as a way of correcting what they see as improper racism.  So we cure cruel and impolite racist policies with racist policies and hatred.

It is not working.

Also most of these people are too young to have experienced anything but special treatment in schools, government, and the modern work place.   But they know they are downtrodden victims.  They also know they can always get special privilege in order to compensate for the white privilege that just seems to follow white people wherever they go.  And if they get violent with those who disagree with their views, they call it self defense.  And get away with it.

Of course, unlike many friends and others, I do not care if people "get away with it".  I believe the aberrant should be stopped or put down. I am not dead set on "making them suffer".  That does not help anything.  Getting the aberrant out of the mix does.  Another story for another day.

For the time being I will just bask in my privilege.

Police never bounce us around or stop us in traffic.

Police never ask white people walking down the road at 2 in the morning in odd areas what they are doing.


I have experienced all of that.

I am forming a group called La Privilege.  It is a group where we can be victims of our privilege and advantages, and how white privilege has made us lonely because everyone hates us and it isn't fair.

I cannot believe the thugs like many of the La Raza gang are able to coopt the honest, hard working immigrant's plight.  Some illegals just followed the path to safety and a fuller stomach.  They aren't often very educated so they don't know from international law.  Nice people who bear no ill will, want no trouble.  They exist.

That is not who the racist outfit called La Raza is.  Not by any stretch.


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