Monday, January 16, 2017

Things I Don't Say on Facebook

Avoiding much comment on facebook is not always easy.  Time after time I write some lengthy rebuttal or comment regarding an assertion made in a post, only to immediately delete.

I know that comments can lead to trouble and the pretend tough people get all upb in your figurative face about everything.  When the reason stops, it is pretty clear.

The last major meme which appeared to be hoax was one touting Trumpcare, the alternative to Obama care.  I am seriously skeptical of this story.  It pretty much says Trumpcare is a government pay insurance companies and you get your part tacked onto your tax bill.

That is kind of a single payer system, and no one gets a choice.  That's the forced buy concept amped up.  Single payer--US government, and single collector, IRS.  But this is right there in the taxes.

They said you choose doctors etc.  I think it is a garbage story.  Makes no sense.  No way I want to get into it on FB.   I still think we do not know--most of us--what the ACA entails.  Nancy said we'd see what is in it once passed.  We still do not really know.

Repealing it and going with whatever is supposed to happen will probably remain unclear.  On FB, at best you invite a bunch of talking point parrots when you question things.

When have we heard what exactly is the current healthcare situation?  What is wrong with it, what are they planning to do to make it right?  Are they going to remove government from healthcare completely?  That won't happen.

So, lets cheer for replacing what we don't understand with something we can't name.  Maybe start with those whose premiums went up along with deductibles.   If you really think the bill had zmuch to do with your health, I think you've been duped.  It is a thousand pages of crony, and another thou of ism.

But aside from that, I think the peer pressure thing of being cool by fabricating Trump hate and refusing to accept the transfer of power is a mistake.  Each pseudo intellectual activist tries to impress all his or her peers by coming up with the cleverest of disparaging comments re Trump.  It need not be true or have anything to do with values or actions.  They seem to want to totally disrupt the inauguration.  Third world action.

They call that democracy.  It is purely mob action.  They want a mob big enough to bully the process.  And to what end?  Get your candidate in office?  It is a bad trend.

But mobs stopping traffic and using other forms of force, while claiming to be peacefully protesting has been a danger forever.  Same idiots who thought the orchestrated Arab radicalization and destabilization was the "Arab spring" think this kind of thing is just free speech rather than insanity and bullying.

It is dangerous to go about it like that.  You don't get your way so you shut down businesses and harass people.  They cannot refuse you cakes or service of any sort, but you refuse if you choose.  (directed at progressive 'activists').  You retain your freedom of choice while trying to deny it to others.  Which is it?

Worst case is they disrupt so much that they legitimize some lunatic's declaration of martial law.

Probably won't happen.  But who knows.  My koolaid addled friends who have some connection to academia seem to be screaming "lalalala" while plugging their ears with their fingers.  They only want to hear what they like.  Truth be damned.  If it doesn't further cast aspersions upon their perceived foe, then it cannot be heard.

I see the hard left working themselves up to a dangerous frenzy; to the point where they do not know what it is they even want.  They just know it is cool to imagine further monstrosities about Trump.  True or false.  In their mind it is the same as how no one but white people can be racist; no anti-Trump meme can be false, no matter how untrue.

That is a danger.  The backlash is as worrisome as a president who cannot let one comment pass, no matter how superfluous, without going on a twitter binge in response.  Really the guy is worrisome.  But no more so than the drooling, rabid fanatics over dramatizing and failing to understand the system or the value of truth.  There are legitimate means if an elected official is too far out there.

This hysteria is based on partial truths and is a manipulative effort to gain power. Pure and simple.  So, playing the high road because it seems so easy when Trump is involved, is not the high road when force, hitting horses, and lies are involved.

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